Batista lands Marvel comics role

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. For those wondering who Drax the destroyer is:
    He's a sort of golem like creature destined to kill Thanos, the reported villain of Avengers 2.

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  2. Dude, that's great. I still haven't seen The Man with the Iron Fists, but the trailer for it looked awesome. My friends and I are definitely seeing Avengers 2, though. :dawg:
  3. More info on Batista and the role/character:

  4. that is awesome. Batista starts to gain a lot of popularity in Hollywood...
  5. Wonder if he'll come back to WWE to try and get some more buzz around it like Rock has. :hmm:
  6. I found it to be pretty bad. The only bright spot was Russel Crowe's performance. Batista's acting was pretty wooden.
  7. :woo1:

    lol but seriously, really? d'aww, it looked good from the preview. :downer:

    I'll give that Marvel movie a chance though. Marvel seem to hit the nail on the head often times, so I have faith in ol' Batista. :obama:
  8. Batista was never really captivating in promos so I'm not sure how he'll make it into Hollywood, it's not even like he has outstanding name value.
  9. Pro with this role. Drax isn't exactly a speaking character.
  10. Standing there looking big he can do :obama:
  11. Also growl and say things about killing the bad guy :obama:
  12. Growl maybe, say :eww: unless it's about kissing babies and hugging fat girls. Yeah can we turn him heel on Stark?
  13. I doubt he will hang with Stark just yet. He's in Guardians of the Galaxy. That would imply him hanging with the likes of Star Lord, Groot ( a living talking tree) Adam Warlock and Rockey Racoon (a talking, flying racoon with a rocket launcher).
  14. Wait this isn't the avengers 2? I'm confuzed now. Also does the racoon ever go in the tree?
  15. Guardian's of the Galaxy is set up to be one of the movies leading up to Avengers 2. Like how Iron Man and Captain America led uo to the first one.
    The racoon and tree are best friends so one would assume so.
  16. I know, I was pretty psyched to watch it, but there's way too much RZA, and the boy can't act and is not believable as a fighter.
  17. Guess he wont be bringing some buzz back to WWE from his movie career like Rock. :dawg:
  18. Pinnochio was in that movie? :dafuq:

    I hope Batista isn't in the avengers and if he is I hope they don't give him speaking roles. Inb4 "You were pose to be my fwend Captain America! & basketballs don't hold grudges"
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