Batista made unpopular by Bryan

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  1. If you think about it Daniel Bryan made Batista hated. Don't get me wrong I think Bryan is Amazing but if you look at the pop Batista got when he first came back on Raw it was incredible and all the buzz about his return on social media but then he won the rumble instead of Bryan who wasn't even in the royal rumble match and from that moment onwards he's been booed to hell. The biggest people to blame is WWE creative.Thoughts?
  2. I thought it was clear that Daniel Bryan wasn't in the Royal Rumble......... That's my issue. Didn't he say it on Raw?
  3. I don't really feel that Batista's initial return was all that much to write home about. When he first came out, the pop was there and it was substantial, but it wasn't anything like you'd expect from a multiple-time world champion returning from a long absence. The real pop he got was later in the night when he came out and dealt with Alberto Del Rio.

    As to Bryan's role in all this, I have to agree that it wasn't that Batista won so much as it was that Batista won and Bryan wasn't even included in the Rumble. Then look at his reaction to being booed by the Rumble crowd. If he had played it off like Cena does or even ignored it and pretended it was cheers, nobody would have had anything to say. Instead, he mocks the "Yes!" chants and yells at the audience and it makes headlines. Bryan was a cog in the machine, but Batista's inability to handle the crowd's reaction was a much bigger one.

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  4. no one wants to see a useless talent in the main event of wrestlemania.
  5. Regardless if DB is too blame for Bootista being booed or not, Batista still sucks. Idc who caused him to get booed.
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  6. i disliked batista long before daniel bryan even got to wwe.
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  7. Yeah idk i've been saying this the whole time, even if Daniel Bryan didn't exist and they went the same route with Batista after 4 years off immediately winning the RR for the headling event at WM right after he gets back with no matches inbetween the return & rumble he'd still be hated and honestly I'm not entirely sure he wasn't hated even before he went on an extended hiatus.
  8. exactly, batista was never that popular to begin with.
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  9. Oh, he was definitely hated when he left.

    And it wasn't the good "I want to see that guy get his ass kicked" heat. It was "you're a douche and we hate you...go away" heat.

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  10. It didn't completely have to do with Bryan. Batista got a pretty mediocre pop when he came out during the HHH/Orton segment already and that had nothing to do with Bryan. The fact is, Batista's return hasn't been well-received because most fans are over him. They've already seen him and couldn't care less about seeing more of him in 2014. The fact that there's a hugely popular superstar like Daniel Bryan who they DO want to see simply didn't help matters (that part of it definitely did make him more despised after winning the Rumble, but one can already tell his initial return wasn't exactly spectacular.)
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  11. I think Bryan definitely plays far less of a role than he is getting credit for as far as the Batista hate goes. I kind of suspect that it's the fans of Batista making the points about this in an attempt to draw criticism away from their guy.

    But anyway, the way I see it the whole Batista "return" has been botched from the word go. Throw out the possibility that it was announced prematurely by a promoter in Las Vegas (or wherever it happened). He just sort of shows up and it's like the WWE just assumes we are all going to be thrilled to see him back. Surely I can't be the only one who remembers him leaving 4 years ago crying about what Cena did to him and announcing loudly, "I QUIT!" ? Now he comes back like none of it ever happened and he is the hero we are all waiting for?

    But we all know he is just there to promote his movie and hopefully sell some tix and ppv's for Vince. And his first feud is with ADR, who is himself slowly sliding into fan apathy?

    Nah. I think this whole comeback situation has been mishandled. And a large part of that, I fear, is because the decision makers and writers are even more out of touch with what the fans think and follow than any of us might even suspect. And that makes me feel not so good heading towards WM30 at the moment.
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