Batista not returning for a while.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Feb 20, 2012.

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    It doesn't seem he'll be back for a while, which is a shame imo as he'd bring some needed short term star power.

    PS someone sort this [font] thing out I beg you.
  2. No he's not needed, waste of talent IMO.
  3. Too bad, Batista was one of the top guys.
    Really want to see him go after the WWE Championship.
  4. I can easily live without him. Although I agree about the current PG-era being watered down.
  5. Don't care for him at all.
  6. Come on guys.. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. He's an absolute dick outside of the ring, and not too good in the ring or on the mic. Sure he's a star and a decent heel, but I'd rather him stay away.

  8. I agree completely with what you've said but who have they got who can match his star power? Cena and possibly Punk and Orton. They need a major player, specifically on Smackdown imo.
  9. Yeah but what we fail to realise is WWE can create one easily with decent booking. See what they've done with Punk, imagine how much bigger and better he'd be if he was actually booked properly this summer.

    I think Batista if he was to return should be there to put people over. Clearly he has no passion for the company and I know I'd personally rather see Ziggler get more time than a Batista segment.

    Does Batista even draw anymore though? Not sure if he did in his latest run.

  10. Batista wouldnt come back to put people over if he decides to come back though.
    Idc how much passion he has for the company, as a matter of the fact no fan cares. The last time i checked he was twice the star than two of your favourite wrestlers combined jericho and miz.
    WWE needs him back for star power. But please use him as a STRONG HEEL.

    Like i said before, this prooves my point again, many a great wrestlers turned away from wwe because of this stupid pg era.

  11. Yeah the guy is a total douchebag I feel bad for Morrison.
  12. Batista never had a problem w/Cena.... that is until he was asked to put him over

    Batista always mentions Miz in his burials of the 'E'.... translation: I didn't want to job to the Miz

    His mentioning of size and old glory days... he's never once buried Rey Mysterio

    He** I would never bury Rey, there's no reason, but it beats his logic of hating small, PG characters

    He's lightened up on Bryan, but his tone suggests he hates Miz and the media touring Vince likes them to do
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