Batista Return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Would you like this?
  2. I always liked him when I watched it a while ago. So, I don't really see a downside of him returning.
  3. I would like this.
    It's possible since his scheduled fight on Strikeforce won't happen.
  4. Personally I dislike him a lot outside of WWE, but his latest heel run was pretty good. Fantasy-booking urges me to fantasize over Batista using his Twitter outbursts against WWE as a story-line. Forcing the product to become more edgy, in kayfabe terms he could beat any one up who's not got that attitude.
  5. If it's wheel chair Batista i'd be down for a return.
  6. Unless he brings something new instead of the powerhouse heel character then IMO i wouldn't want him back, I would love it if he comes back a face but not his comical side, his normal simple I'm not taking any crap kinda good guy...
    However I think the shout out from JR is probably just wishful thinking, hasn't he openly said like 6 times he hated the way the company was going and it would take a major change for him to return?
  7. Botchtista? No way...

    All jokes aside, he was my favorite superstar. I would welcome him back.
  8. Yeah Batista is very vocal about WWE on Twitter. I doubt he's returning, those tweets were very recent.
  9. Yes, as a heel, to destroy Cena, again.
  10. Personally wouldn't care if he came back or not. If he's full time it might be okay, but for a short period as long as he let's someone go over him I wouldn't care.
  11. Batista letting someone go over him? :rofl:
  12. To be fair he's let a few divas go over him in the past by all accounts.
  13. :rofl::rofl:
  14. Great wrestler. Needs to control his anger though.
  15. I would love Batista to come back and just whup the living snot out of Mark Henry or Kane.
  16. @[Tzesi]

    RKO, Tzesi gonna' give you an ass whooping now.
  17. I hate him outside the WWE. He is great heel, would be good to see him back.
  18. He is a bauss and does work without attempting. He is a legend.
  19. Legend? Woah. Lol.