News Batista taking time off after ER?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. Already? This could obviously be bunk, but with the reception he's been getting since his return I wouldn't doubt it.

  2. Evolution ....ehhhh ¿¿¿
  3. Exacly, didn't they just get back together? My guess Evolution is going to lose at ER and then he flakes out.
  4. Noooooo... if they lose it will be such a shame... o m g
  5. What a goon.
  6. I think they will win. After the match Batista gets triple power bombed into a vat of hot lava, thus writing him off.
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  7. I totally thought you were serious up until the "hot lava" part lol
  8. I already made a thread for this in the ER section a week ago punk! =P

    Anyway, as unpopular an opinion as this will be around here, I never really liked Evolution anyway.. not even during their first run.
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  9. Well I missed it you! I should have guessed though. I always come to post shit like this and I usually see you have already posted it. I feel so useless! :upset:
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  10. AWWW.. you are somebody! Just believe and you can achieve! Keep pushing for that finish line! YOU ARE A WINNER!
  11. Should have said BO-lieve :awyeah: :win:
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  12. No, I really think Evolution will win.
  13. The sad thing is his push since he has returned has really amounted to nothing in my opinion.
  14. That's for damn sure. They wasted a Royal Rumble on him and his presence in the main event at Mania was beside the point. Nobody on the current roster benefited at all from Batista's return. I guess we will see if the Shield get a slight rub from him in the form of the Evolution revival, but that remains to be seen and it is also a stretch at this point to think The Shield is getting much of a genuinely helpful rub from Batista even if they go over.
  15. Well, whether Batista stays around or not at this point, for me, is irrelevant. I'm not mad about him being around anymore now that he's back to being HHH's goon, you know. But I can't say I'll shed a tear over him leaving or anything.
  16. Instead of The Shield as a whole taking Batista out, they should just have Reigns do it single-handely in the late stages of the match. Roman Reigns and Batista are the "enforcers" of their respective groups and the two most physically dominant men in the match, and having Reigns put Batista on the shelf himself (by spearing him through the stage like Ryback did to Cena last year, or off the ramp or something) would establish him as the dominant powerhouse. Then they could book Batista and Reigns against one another at Battleground in July and have Hunter cost Reigns the match to set up Reigns/HHH at Summerslam while Batista most likely goes on to challenge (and probably beat) Bryan for the championship. (Batista still hasn't received that championship rematch from Wrestlemania that was promised to him by The Authority, and they're obviously saving the one-on-one rivalry between Bryan and Batista for later.)
  17. Good riddance. He doesn't even need to come back if ya ask me.
  18. Lol remember when everyone was excited about his return

    Fuck Batista. Sadly he'll be back, a least for a bit. :okay:
  19. I think you're looking through the lens of a grown man (which I wouldn't anything less). Daniel Bryan made Batista tap out at WrestleMania and that is always a significant thing these days
    It brings up the question of why didn't Orton eat the tap. A number of theories are obvious, but WWE felt Batista was the appropriate choice given the heat between the two dating to the Royal Rumble
    It says a lot about Batista when you equate it all (3 months of Batista/Bryan heat >>> Nearly a year of Orton/Bryan heat). This proves Batista is a more valuable heel, and not because he's a fresh worker

    He's been mishandled some, but not a waste. I'd like to thank Dave for being himself, the Royal Rumble ended awesomely because of it.
  20. Bump with new news:


    I think they have a typo there in the first paragraph about him taking time off early to promote "Extreme Rules". I assume they meant to say "Guardians of the Galaxy" instead.
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