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  1. WWE Superstar Batista is reportedly taking some time off following Extreme Rules and is currently not advertised for any show beyond the May, 4 event. This time off has always been planned since he returned to the company in January and he is expected to use the time to do some promotional work for his next film, Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" which comes out in August 2014.

    Source: http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/34141/Top-WWE-Superstar-Taking-Time-Off-After-Extreme-Rules/

    So the Evolution story-line starts this past Monday and 3 weeks later one of the members of Evolution is taking time off.

    How do you think this impacts the current story-line? Will Evolution still exist after ER?

  2. Doubt he's gonna be gone more than a couple weeks. Easily can happen.
  3. What a bish
  4. He is going to fizzle hard after this. Isn't Y2J back here soon for a month or few?
  5. :yes: :yes:

    Hopefully, he never returns. That would be good for all parties.
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  6. He'll probably reappear after the euro tour in May, WWE may use his time off to debut Adam Rose or Bo Dallas, which I guess I wouldn't be opposed to.
  7. Either Evolution will be done after ER, or they could get a new superstar to replace him. Either way, I'm happy - his in-ring work bored me, and his only redeeming quality was his reaction after getting slapped by Stephanie, haha.
  8. Hopefully WWE realizes he should just stay away and he never returns. He was like the 12th wheel in the Authority angle ever since appearing. piss off lad.
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  9. Well...that Evolution reunion appears to be short-lived. I actually haven't minded Batista's WWE return so far, he is an extra main-eventer they can use on their cards and they have utilized that fact by using him in a few Smackdown main-events since his return, although he has been carried by the opponent in those matches. I hope that it is only a few weeks break because I have been marking for Evolution 2.0 and would like to see their new run last more than just a few weeks.

    They could easily keep the Shield/Evolution storyline going without Batista though. For example at ER Batista could be 'Kayfabe' injured by one of The Shield leading us to WWE Payback where I could see us having HHH/Orton vs. Reigns/Rollins and then Ambrose defending his title, probably in a situation unsavoury like a four-way contest to intertwine with HHH's heel COO role.
  10. This could be Batista's first contribution since returning, letting someone injure him to write him off. Obviously it should be Reigns in some sort of nasty spear spot. Spear him into a fishtank of sharks or something.
  11. Yeah that sounds pretty good to be fair, Reigns injuring Batista would just add to the intensity in the developing Reign/HHH feud. Reigns to pin Batista at ER?

    EDIT: Lol joke Orton to get pinned as always
  12. I'd rather Evolution goes over. Have Ambrose eat a pedigree after some fuckery. We can't be jobbing out HHH like crazy, he's the top dude in the company. Keep HHH strong so Reigns' win over him at Summerslam isn't diminished.
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  13. My hope for the feud was that Evolution would go over at ER and they would have a rematch of some form at Payback but with Batista's time off coming up this could be unlikely. If I had to bet right now I would bet on an Evolution win otherwise them returning as a group loses its momentum instantly. It's just with Batista leaving it gives off a Shield victory kind of vibe :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. I've felt all along the Shield would likely win since they are all back on the same page and they are always billed as an unstoppable trio when operating as a unit without dissension. Idk, I think the Shield somehow getting fucked over would leave things more interesting moving forward post-ER than the Shield just dicking on Evolution and HHH looks like a jabroni for 2 straight PPVs.
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  15. Unstoppable apart from that random episode of Smackdown when they had only their second ever loss as a team to Christian and The Uso's, that shit was funny:dawg:.
  16. Eh, Smackdown barely counts. Its like 1/2 a step above a house show.
  17. I agree with those who hope he doesn't come back. He was never great in the ring, but he's cringe worthy now, the way he hangs off the ropes gasping for breath while his opponent is fresh as a daisy. It destroys any sense of "realism" even worse than so-called midgets like Bryan or Punk trading punches with Big Show.
  18. I just remember finding it funny that The Shield had previously been booked to win over 3-man teams like Cena, Ryback, Sheamus and Orton, Cena and DB but were booked to lose against Christian and The Uso's on Smackdown. Although I do watch Smackdown most weeks I agree that it is hardly riveting.
  19. Would be cool to see a Batista vs Reigns feud about who has the better spear.

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  20. lmao who says you aren't funny?
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