Batista talks MMA debut

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 8, 2012.

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  2. The Pussy Monster is going to get his head smashed.
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  3. :lol1:
  4. He is going to get crushed most likely. Either way, fuck it, ill watch.
  5. I think he'll lose this match. It's his debut match after all, I'm more interested if he'll keep at it, and then improve more and start winning, or quit and go do something else.
  6. I'm really curious to see how he does, I'm expecting badly but he is a wildcard. Does anyone know what to expect from him, such as any previous fighting experience.
  7. No but he has an awesome training camp around him. I don't know anything about his opponent but yeah, come on Dave.
  8. It's an odd jump if he has no previous experience at anything. Even more so then it originally seemed.
  9. He's been training since he left WWE..
  10. 2 years without any previous isn't anything towards what should make a fighter IMO, especially one who was in an industry where he suffered multiple muscular injuries and is in his 40s.
  11. He must be a quick grappler from having car-stealing and bouncer experience..
  12. Can't see how those two mix to being at fighting standard tbh, as a bouncer he would have been dealing mainly with over enthusiastic drunken fighters who have little idea of depth or other abilities. The typical drunken haymaker if you will, his Pro Wrestling career will have given him a stronger understanding of various holds such as how to gain control of an opponent as many of the guys he worked with preached that kind of style. I'm not convinced that's enough to even contemplate as prior experience up to the standard of a professional fighter however, just IMO of course.
  13. Dude I was just joking.. :pity:

    Just forgot the :dawg: after the post..
  14. Damn I feel like an idiot again :sad:
  15. No need, just look at Zig's & Gunn smiling at ya and you'll be happy again. :lol1:
  16. Actually chuckled, well played.
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