Spoiler Batista this week on Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. The spotlight came back, the smarmy attitude is back, it looks like they're coming to their senses and turning him heel like he should have been from the start. This is great news but where does it leave the WM ME? Does Randy turn on the authority and become a face again, or does Cena blow off Bray and make it a triple threat so that it isn't a heel/heel match. Thoughts?
  2. So if this they both are heel, this will be an invert Rock vs Cena. Alrighty then.
  3. I think WWE is just going heel/heel so when the match is buried they can be like "Omg so much heat heel vs heel we really outdid ourselves this time we are geniuses high five YES! YES! YES!"
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  4. Definite heel turn. I wouldn't rule out seeing Orton turn face in the coming weeks. He cut a typically babyface promo on Tista on RAW, playing up to the crowd and so on. Whole angle is a car-crash from day one. Let them get their 6 minute Mania match out the way, and hopefully Orton retains, even though Tista has a championship reign written into his contract apparently.
  5. Orton turning face would really be the cherry to top this clusterfuck Sundae. what a disaster. Sadly, this entire saga is still entertaining me for all the wrong reasons.
  6. At the end of the day, Orton will always have his big, loyal, mostly-teen-girls-who-want-to-fuck-him fanbase. Have Tista continue his turn on RAW, attacking Orton etc. Orton talks about how he doesn't need the authority's help anymore, that he's got to prove himself in the biggest stage in this personal feud. That would be better than 5 more weeks of the crowd confusingly hating on all their segments imo.
  7. I think Orton trying to turn face is going to still result in the crowd confusingly hating for 5 more weeks and still burying the match.
  8. Whole thing's terrible, your boy Hunter really fucked up, eh.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Batista still sucks, waste of a Ziggler match.
  11. Anytime Ziggler gets tv time its worth it. Dude probably won't win another match in his WWE career.
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  12. At least he isn't at Ryder status of jobber. Ziggler still gets some offensive action and TV time.
  13. Yea, lucky him.
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  14. How about they destroy each other and Vacant wins the title again?
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  15. Damn right man. This whole thing is pretty hilarious in it's own way. Wish we can go back in time to tell us in 2012, when Meltzer reported "Orton turning heel at the PPV" every month, and go tell our past selves that they are going to try to salvage the WMXXX main event by turning Randy Orton face. :lol1:
  16. Batista's best work was when he was leaving WWE as a heel. Love him in that role, especially in them tight ass clothes.
  17. WWE had no choice, they actually did it because of the fans, the fans literally just changed the wresltemania card, if Daniel Bryan doesn't get in the match, i'm just gonna kick scream and cry
  18. you and the rest of the pathetic marks.
  19. Who the fuck you callin a mark hater
  20. Anyone who would kick and scream because WWE doesn't book the way they want. So, you, and the rest of the pathetic Daniel Bryan marks. Just like I said. Rather simple to follow actually.
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