Batista upset?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathas, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. People are saying that Batista is REALLY upset. For me it's just to promote the ppv.
  2. There's rumors of ADR vs Batista happening at Elimination Chamber for whatever it's worth... so obviously a work. "C level stars in a B level star era" is such an accurate summation of things, though.

    Guess we can bet ADR will be one of the first people Batista tosses out as soon as he hits the ring at the PPV.
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  3. I see ADR pulling a Santino in the rumble...

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  4. lol Would be awesome. Especially given that ADR is the winner of the largest Rumble match in history.

    I'd love to then hear Batista tell ADR the next night that he'd be better off if he stuck to wrestling people like Sin Cara instead of him.
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  5. ADR's a good wrestler, no doubt about it. But, his career is kind of spiraling down. I don't know what's next for him.
  6. I don't think he's completely terrible or anything but he can't seem to get over much with the audience for some reason. They gave him a Royal Rumble victory, WWE Title and WHC reigns, MITB, etc. and he still isn't any more over than he was shortly after he first arrived. At this point, I think it's best to just stick him in the IC and US Title pictures. Those belts are/were traditionally known as the workhorse titles and since ADR is at least a good in-ring worker, he could add to those divisions in that way. He's been talking about retiring sometime within the next 3-4 years anyways so no real point in continuously trying to build him into one of their top guys for the next several years.
  7. I did like his rivalry with Swagger, though.
  8. Hey Batista, want lots of $$ come back and feud with .... Del Rio, seems a bit wasteful to me, surely he can go for someone bigger. But yeah, WWELogic.
  9. I hated it. He had some pretty good momentum building up with the Big Show feud and was actually getting pretty good reactions on his own (not just thanks to Ricardo) but the Swagger feud killed it for me and most others too, it seems. Mark Henry I still believe would have been a better opponent for him at Mania.

    I'd usually criticize WWE for putting ADR into yet another important spot that he doesn't really seem to deserve, but it's just a throwaway squash feud to give Batista something to do until the build to Mania starts. I guess ADR fits that role as good as any other midcard/upper midcard heel.
  10. I think with Colter being the Anti-Immigration buff, it made the storyline good.
  11. Agreed,
    There's no room for him up at the top anymore. ADR vs Ambrose or ADR vs Big E. would be quite the bout.
  12. Bury him Batista!
  13. Let's just end that statement there
  14. I'm sure this is just a work. But still, this Batista/ADR thing will probably just feature Batista eliminating ADR immediately. If they go with this until the Chamber, well, I'm not a big Batista fan or anything but that would be wasting him at this point.
  15. Definitely would be wasting him, there's no need to use him in a storyline vs a guy who has barely been relevant since John Cena won the title from him back in late October. Personally I think a solid arc that wouldn't need too much time to play out would be Batista working on Dean Ambrose to get that US Title off of him.
  16. It is just a work, I agree with what Klock said.
  17. So ADR and Batista might have a feud building for when he returns? Cool
  18. Why waste Batista in the US Title scene?
  19. Why waste Batista in a non-title scene for a barely relevant superstar the past few months?

    Ambrose seems to consider himself an elite wrestler, why not let the 44 year old Batista shake some rust off against him instead of plugging him into an already crowded fest for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship?
  20. Like I said earlier, this would be just a squash feud. It's still up in the air as to what Batista does at Mania, but if it's competing for the world championship, then the month of February will be just a time killer for him. So why not throw a person like ADR at him just to give him someone to destroy in the meantime. Keep in mind he's not on a Lesnar or Rock-like part time deal where any match with him will be a rarity. He's gonna be here more or else full time until he leaves again sometime around the middle of summer.

    Plus, it's pretty likely that he will win the WWE Championship, so contesting for the US Title would be out of the question. A feud with some new blood like Ambrose is definitely something I hope to see though, but it doesn't have to be for a midcard belt. Ambrose himself needs to drop the US Title sooner than later.
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