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  1. Hey all,

    After watching this past Raw, I felt that the Orton an Batista segment wasn't that bad. I know I've bashed Batista since his return and I still prefer him being gone or not in the tile picture. But, the fact that Orton is using the fans reactions to Bootista as a way to get to him is perfect. It'll make it more interesting than what I thought it was going to be. Again, I would like Bootista gone regardless, but the way this feud is beginning seems to be fine so far.

  2. One of the worst segments on the show. Tista was so gassed after his short match that he could barely speak. A segment including the royal rumble winner and the champion before WrestleMania should be memorable, but these two suck.
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  3. Didn't watch, but I read a review and saw live reactions from my friends. So apparently Batista is going heel, so how is this gonna work? Is Orton turning babyface?
  4. Agreed that they suck and this feud is bad..but, I still felt that it was kind of neat that Orton is using the crowds reactions as a weapon against Batista. I feel it can make the already bad feud a little interesting.
  5. Well, this is a grey area. Batista stated that he loves the people because they have a voice. And they can cheer for him and he'll cheer them back and they can boo him and he'll boo them back...made no sense and it was awful, that part of the segment, but I'm not sure if this means he's a heel.
  6. I don't know, I think they also promoted a Batista promo for SD and talked about how he was going to be unleashed or something like that, strong hint that he's going to bury the crowd for me. I really don't see Orton turning heel here, and I just can't see WWE main eventing WM with this match.
  7. First off, to the OP: I thought the promo between the two was pretty good, considering the place both men find themselves in.

    As to the Smackdown "Unleashed" segment: It could be an epic promo....or it could be the utter drizzling shits. And there's really no middle ground it could fall into.

    The character of Orton (as he's been screwed over pretty intensely by the Authority) still acts like a heel and is still booked like a heel, but he's a sympathetic heel. This reality has made him a tweener. He got cheers from the crowd when he confronted Batista from the ramp. The Batista character is the "assigned babyface" even though he's not over as a face and he's not really acting like a face. This makes him a tweener, also.

    If Batista cuts a really good promo (it could happen), then the fans will embrace him (at least most of them will...I'm pretty sure most of the crowd here, myself included, will still not be big on him) and he will become a face. This will allow Orton to turn completely heel and give the Authority an angle of response to back their boy and work to screw over Batista. If Batista's promo sucks (which could also happen and is probably more likely to happen), then they're going to have to do something major to fix the main event. Because you don't want two tweeners headlining Mania when the audience doesn't really know how to react to either of them.

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  8. I thought the segment was fine considering it didn't go on for long. Of course this'll be one of the shittiest and most underwhelming world title matches in Wrestlemania history, but eh. The crowd taking a gigantic piss over the entire thing will probably more than make up for it, though.

    In terms of whether Batista is a "heel" or Orton is a "face".... At least in terms of how they're booked, it's clear Orton is still the heel and Batista is still the face and that's how it'll be leading into Wrestlemania. Considering Triple H is about to slip back into heel mode for his feud with Daniel Bryan, I think it'd be rather odd for Orton to suddenly turn good given he's HHH's chosen face of the company and given that he's been a whiny heel for these past several months. Batista, regardless of the fan reaction against him, will still be booked as a face. His "the crowd has a voice" speech was just like the one John Cena gave all those years ago when he first started acknowledging that if the people want to cheer him, that's fine, and if they want to boo him, that's fine, too. Similarly, expect Batista to be booked as a face against various heels for these next several months just the way Cena has been for these past several years (not that a Batista heel turn is out of the question eventually, but I doubt it'll be anytime soon.)
  9. Well, I could understand that Batista is too tired to cut a promo because usually we never see people cut promos after they get done with matches. It's usually a segment. Batista could really pull out something on Smackdown that could be epic and will probably be used in the 'Mania 30 package between them but now, he really has to get his cardio or something going.
  10. This match is on track to beat Sheamus vs Bryan and the whole six second title defeat as worst WM title match going.

    Regards the segment I couldn't get into it Orton still bores me and the hatred for Batista shines through. Anything with these two has so much negative energy round it at the min it just doesn't really hit home.
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  11. Yes, good point. He did essentially say what Cena says; however, I felt Batista sounded like a moron when he said, "if they boo, I boo them back." lol...dude, you're supposed to love the Universe regardless and fight for them and your fans. You don't "boo" them back? wtf does that mean? lol.
  12. I feel that Batista will most likely fuck up this SD segment. He's not good on the mic, period. He never has been. He's only good at being an asshole and getting people to hate him. Hence why his heel character when fighting Cena went over so well. Bring back that Batista. As far as Cardio, he's been doing Gracie Jiu Jitsu which is nothing but cardio. I think Batista is as athletic as he's going to get: he's reached his full potential. Case and point, he sucks.
  13. His SD segment is him sat in a chair in ring booing back at fans down a mic for the entirety of SD.
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  14. That match headlining WrestleMania is just plain whacky to me. The segment itself was okay tho just a little weird having Batista turn heel right before he vs Orton who's heel.
  15. lmfao....everyone is booing him chanting Bootista over and over...and he yells back in high-pitched Lesnar voice, "Boo me? Well, boo you, too!!!!" and he begins crying just like when he quit on Raw 4 years ago. loser.
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  16. he's not heel dude. Not yet at least.
  17. bahaha you think after SD he won't be heel?
  18. Maybe he'll announce that he's learned that basketballs do hold grudges?

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  19. lol after I said, not yet :emoji_wink:
  20. Orton: wrestles as a heel, talks like a heel, gets no reaction, can sometimes get cheered if he hates on Bootista
    Boretista: wrestles as a face, talks like a dumbass, gets boo'd mercilessly, can get cheered if he hates on Orton

    Idk, sort of reminds me of Bevis and Butthead or dumb and dumber. they both suck and who cares what they say or do? The match will be Rick Barry'd regardless
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