Batista warned WWE about face return and criticizes fans

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Not sure I agree with his comment on fans, but I think the babyface situation was pretty obvious.
  2. I agree on both behalfs. The baby face thing didn't work he's a much better heel. As for the fans situation, I'd sat he hit the nail on the head with that on. The fans today a,ways want things the way they want. They only want what they want though, they won't let things play out the way they're planned to, and I see Batista's point on that and I can say he's not alone with the whole fans trying to change the show or be a part of it as being a bad thing. The YES movement/Occupy RAW garbage was more atrocious than the average divas segments.
  3. Just him playing the heel.... right now the fan's backlash against him being there is the only thing keeping him there.... If the fan's accepted him with open arms when he returned it would have been boring.
  4. They accepted him up until the Rumble victory, if he never won, he probably would've stayed a baby face but been stuck wherever,
  5. That is true and a good point.... wouldn't it be funny if it is actually playing out exactly the way WWE planned it and the fans have been pawns all along. I'm beginning to think that may be exactly what is happening.... but maybe I'm giving too much credit to creative lol
  6. I agree with him to some extent on the fans. Well, not really, I just have a really deep-seeded hate for current WWE crowds because of Yes chants.
    2. A so called "professional" trying to deflect his frustrations with his career choice to those who don't deserve it probably shouldn't be called a professional
    3. There is no excuse to be consumer hostile
    I can't imagine why tha-*cough*overrated curtain jerker*cough*

    oh yeah because wwe really are a bunch of creative progressive visionaries who are in it for the medium of Pro Wrestling as a whole and want to take it to places and heights that will finally make the world admit that it was wrong about this misunderstood little sub culture all along, for great justice
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  8. ^Liked for "don't insult the fans". Of course fans want things the way they want, that's what makes them fans.

    The fans nowadays aren't afraid to speak their minds. If WWE has a problem with it, the problem's with them, not us. Don't like CM Punk chants during filler mid-card crap? Make us care about the mid-card.
  9. You're forgetting the fact that WWE owns WWE, not the fans. If you don't like the product they are doing, then either stop watching it. You people don't run the company, yet they act as if they want to change it because they don't like it
  10. because that is a time tested method to bringing more success and change to the company. Right.
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  11. It worked in the Monday night wars.
  12. and that is relevant to what is happening in this case how exactly?
  13. "because that is a time tested method to bringing more success and change to the company. Right." That remark.
  14. So if I think WWE is shit I'm supposed to go back to watching mid-late 90's WCW?
  15. No, you could just avoid the WWE product, I'm not saying that it's bad to want change, but Batista brings up a perfect point. If you want change so badly, go get into the business instead of chanting about it.
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  16. Unfortunately social media is 100% about you the fan, you the user, your chance to speak into the megaphone. It's not going to get better any time soon, in fact, i only see it getting worse.
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  17. Sure, so if we see a babyface we despise we're supposed to cheer him because he's supposed to be the face? If we see a guy who's terrible at everything being made a big star we're supposed to support him just because it's the company's plan? Lol, the fans dictate what the promotion books, not the other way around. The fans are the ones paying.
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  18. He does realize that the fans are what pay to watch him?
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  19. what worked exactly?
    what and that's good is it?
  20. I don't understand how any one could have honestly predicted a negative return for Batista, one of their biggest babyfaces of the PG era returns and people expect him to be booed? Just seems strange.
    D'Z why do you hate Bryan so much? In most threads you mention your hate in some way. Or is it just the yes chants you hate? I don't remember you being this bad towards him pre-mania (could be wrong on that though)
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