Batista wont join WWE, will make MMA debut

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jul 13, 2012.

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  2. :jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll::jeritroll:

  3. :true:
  4. RE: Batista - not returning to WWE it seems.

    Ooh, this is exciting! :jericho:
  5. Batista - not returning to WWE it seems.

    Posted... I think.
  6. Merged together to avoid butt hurt, Dave would have been cool to see back but he's far from a necessity. Be fun to see him getting his head knocked clean off however.
  7. First, I don't care about Twitter. Second, I don't care about what Batista says he's going to do. Third, I don't care about MMA. Fourth, Batista already said this over a year ago and I still haven't seen a pic of him destroyed after his first MMA match. So... :haha:
  8. I wonder if anyone from Cesar Gracie will be in his corner.
  9. Oh boy!! I would have loved to see him return at summerslam
  10. Is he actually with them?
  11. What?! I wanted him to return to wwe!
  12. He doesn't train with them in California but he opened a gym in Florida and Cesar is a partner with him
  13. Wow, why? I don't want my Diaz buddies to walk out with someone who's going to lose ;(
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