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  1. Batista looks like he is bulking back up...
    Is he planning a return to WWE?

    I only noticed this because I follow Marvel on Twitter & they retweeted him - Seen his pictures...
    He looks old now. He does look beefier though.
  2. He bulked up because he has a role as Draxx the Destroyer in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. He will shoot it until sometime in the fall (Octoberish). He won't be back in WWE anytime soon. Maybe after depending on how his career in movies takes off.
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  4. I love Batista, but he has stated on Twitter recently WWE isn't in the picture. Although he said nothing is off the table.
  5. Ohhh! That explains the retweet. Haha I don't follow him so I am clueless.
  6. Hopefully he will come back he is my favorite.
  7. There were rumors of him coming back, there were sightings of him in Florida, but those just turned out to be Mason Ryan.
  8. He did show up at NXT to shoot his interview for the Triple H DVD.
  9. I hope he does return to WWE as he is defiantly a great superstar and SmackDown is lacking someone such as Batista.
  10. I always enjoyed him, So would like to see him back at some point.
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