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  1. WWE should be seriously considering paying up his contract, writing him off, and moving on. How is he going to cope with fans burying all his segments? As we saw on RAW, his mic work is appalling and he struggles to deal with the boos and chants. It looks like he's only going have matches at PPVs, thinking he's Brock ffs. Bringing him back is turning out to be a terrible decision - shouldn't each show be built around him, the royal rumble winner? Instead, he's getting some five minute segment to shout a load of incoherent, generic, cliched crap. How can we see 2 years of this? Awful start to 2014 for WWE.
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  2. :lol1::lol1::lol1:

    I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm.
  3. Also:

    " It looks like he's only going have matches at PPVs,"

    Wrong, is on an almost full time contract, including house shows.
  4. How is it wrong? He hasn't had a non PPV match yet and isn't booked for any SmackDowns.
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    I don't think he'll be sticking around the full two years. Once his fulfillment is done this year (he's scheduled to take a break in the summertime to film a movie), he might decide to say fuck it and never come back if the fans keep giving him lukewarm reactions like this. He left four years ago in large part because he hated the PG product and he could end up leaving again if the fans continue to show displeasure towards seeing him on the show again (as seen, he doesn't seem to take criticism very well.)

    In the meantime though, learn to live with him because it's been said he's being written into all the major storylines for the rest of the time he's here this year, as we can already see via his Rumble victory.
  6. Lukewarm - you mean ice cold. He literally has no fanbase whatsoever. I guess those who liked him four years ago realised he sucked and/or got new favourites. Actually I want to see Lesnar kick the shit out of him one time and then he can leave.
  7. Unfortunately the Lesnar/Batista match didn't happen, neither did the Lesnar/Orton match. I was thinking things looked pretty bad for Randy Orton when they were all in the same ring. So Lesnar didn't get a match last night. I don't know which one I wanted to see. Lesnar/Orton or Lesnar/Batista?
  8. He is working till Summer, taking some time off, coming back.
    They want people to hate him right now. It is all part of the work and it is going beautifully.
  9. Why would they want people to hate him when he's going up against The Authority, who are intended to be the most hated people on the show?
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  10. It will work itself out.
    -- Or it will blow up in their faces. They are taking a huge risk.
  11. Well, he could turn heel eventually but it likely won't happen anytime soon. They obviously intended for him to return as this huge babyface given they booked him to win the Rumble and challenge Orton (who is supposed to be this hugely despised heel, even though he isn't, really) for Wrestlemania. Considering he's likely gonna be gone before the Summerslam PPV even arrives in the summer, they're most likely not gonna do a 180 and turn him heel this year (unless he comes back as a heel before 2014 is over.)
  12. Well I can see them going a few different ways with this situation. You are right, turning him heel at this moment doesn't make any sense, but i can see it happening sooner than they wanted to turn him. My thought when he was returning was he was going to play if off as a face, people were going to hate him and he was going to flip the hell out and turn heel... All's that is left in my thought is him turning heel.

    I can see the storyline involving him going either really well or horribly. They have to play the cards they were dealt.
  13. Can we put him in the wheelchair again and let him bitch?
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  14. :yes:
  15. Imagine what the crowd will be like during his probable match with Del Rio at EC. This guy was expecting huge pops and is going to get absolutely shat on. Orton v Batista at Wrestlemania would be booed by 80,000 people.
  16. I think the heel move is great and so much better than if he was shoved down throats as a babyface. I do honestly question how WM works. Heel batista vs Bitch Heel Orton? Thats a lose lose in my book.
  17. Why are people saying turning him heel will solve this problem? He's been here a week so it's not like his character has got stale. It's 2014, no one wants to see this talentless, old prick winning the Royal Rumble and headlining the year's biggest show. That's the problem.
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