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  1. Well Batista was a good wrestler. Got ran out of the WWE from John Cena (Well in the storyline)
    What did you think of him? I would really like to see him back one day.
  2. As a superstar, he's fantastic. My favourite period of Batista was his last one, a heel run vs John Cena. One of the best heels for quite a long time. However, outside of WWE he's very bitter towards John Cena for no reason, he's very bitter on the PG Product (which made him the superstar he is today) and there's no need. He argues with most of his fans lol. But as a superstar he was a fantastic one, a draw, has knowledge of the business etc.

    He will probably return one day, maybe next year after his MMA flops.
  3. He also though I think said he would not return mainly because the WWE is getting more PG daily. But that should change soon so he may return. I liked him most when he first came back as heel vs. Ray Mysterio.
  4. I don't see his point there though, I think WWE is getting more edgy. This time last year you'd never here "ass" on TV. You'd here all offensive chants frmo the crowd dimmed down, I mean at TLC there was a very loud "Holy Shit" chant. I know it's nothing compared to Attitude Era, but Batista wasn't even there lol, PG made his career. Meh. I can understand why a character like Batista's could relish a more edgy product, but I doubt WWE care if he doesn't like it.
  5. "No one can be bigger than the WWE" that quote is very true. They will not change for anyone. But really it should be more of a 15 rated show, it would make better viewing.
  6. For us definitely. But WWE would lose so much money doing that. SO much. 3/4 of their kids won't be watching anymore because of strict parents, some will because they're badass. They won't be allowed in shows which is less tickets, their parents won't be coming (most come just for their kids). Charities like Be a Star and Anti-bullying stuff, how could they do that if there's blood pooring out their heads weekly lol.
  7. Well then maybe they should make SmackDown a 15 and keep RAW a PG-13. I think that would work better, cause the kids could still have RAW and adults would want to watch SmackDown more.
  8. Great idea to be honest. SmackDown is a lost cause atm anyway, why not test it? :emoji_slight_smile:

    Doubt they will though.
  9. Yeah I doubt they will. They should bring some of the greatest from the attitude era like Stone Cold ect... it would make the show really interesting. It is all the same old, same old at this time.
  10. Yeah Stone Cold returns once or twice a year, which is nice he's never fully ditched us like Rock done lol.
  11. Yeah, we should see more of him though. He was always great.
  12. Batista was and still is great, but the amount of derogatory remarks about WWE in recent weeks especially about their PG era, he ain't going to be coming back any time soon, which is a great shame.
  13. Definitely is a shame because he could be used to put over new stars.
  14. If he came back as a Heel I would love it. He was always abit too bland as a babyface beside from the initial separation from evolution for me.
  15. Yeah, his latest heel run against Cena was my favourite. The promo saying he'll never kiss babies or fat women made me laugh. I'd book him as a heel like he was just before he left, whining a lot but still very strong, and have someone like Bryan go over him (or punk).
  16. He's coming back so that's good news
  17. Talk about a bump on this thread lol.

    But cant wait despite my lack of faith in part timers if he's around for a bit till Augustish like reported I can cope with that. Hope he puts someone over maybe Reigns that'd be a decent match.
  18. He put on a good show, thought his wrestling skills weren't always the best. I still remember when he left. I was laughing my butt off at him sitting in the middle of the ring and then yelling " I QUIIIT!" Sorry, but I wasn't bored and continued to watch. lmao