Batista's NEW LOOK - Oh my god.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. These pictures were taken in Miami

    Ugly bitch.
  2. Haha he looks like a complete tool.
  3. Holy shit that is epic.
  4. Man he does not suit that look that is a bad bad hairstyle similar to one I had years back after my 21st and my mates gave me something similar after I fell asleep.
  5. How old is the guy now? Isn't he a father? I'd be so embarrassed.
  6. Lols yeah I think he is imagine if that was your dad thats so cringe worthy.
  7. I'd be so proud if that was my dad.
  9. Damn Dave, mid life crisis much?
  10. It's his look for the new Riddick movie, apparently.
  11. Yeah Batista is a dad. His daughter is in her late teens if I remember correctly. And it is most likely for the Riddick movie that he i sporting that there silly mohawk.
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  12. It's not silly. :okay:
  13. He must think he is off avatar
  14. Had to drop in and say your name is fantastic.
  15. What an ugly bastard.
  16. Did some snooping on the web and found out Batista is a father of two daughter, one 22 and one 20 year old and is a grandfather of two from his oldest daughter. All this achieved before the age of 40. :baws: Not bad Dave. Not bad.
  17. You guys have it all wrong. That mohawk is what is cool these days. I wouldn't expect a bunch of oldies to know such things though, so I'll excuse it this time.

    For instance, this young guy is sporting a nice one and he is totally not gay at all.

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  18. Looks like he was getting a hair cut and thought fuck it half way.
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