Batistas Outfits

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  1. What do you think of his style of clothing?
  2. Daniel Bryan just told him his skinny jeans are so tight they are cutting off the oxygen to his brain... and then joked him about his tattoos, nose ring, vest, and skinny jeans again. That was funny!
  3. He know damn well if he make any wrong moves he gonna bust out those jeans
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  4. Batista is shite, we all know this.

    Orton is king of that era, end of discussion
  5. Lawl at Daniel Bryan shooting on Batistas belly button tattoo:happy:
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  6. He loves everything tight and leather... He's sexuality is no longer questioned.
  7. The skinny jeans would make the sit down powerbomb near impossible... which is why he did your standard powerbomb to ADR upon his first night back

    If Batista were ... I dunno... 23, it would be understandable, but at 45 its extreeeemly creepy... unless he's actually the incredible Hulk then it would be rather fitting (pun intended)
  8. Batista is a sharp-dresser compared to that metrosexual Orton.
  9. He dresses like a douche.

    That is all.

  10. He's a very fashionable man. I personally love the Canadian Tuxedo
    And this was badass
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  11. Here I'm wearing black skinny jeans (The images have been taken by my girlfriend with Canon 500D) As you can see, I'm fits in skinny jeans.
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    But Batista in skinny jeans look just drastically wrong, but as I have said in the past (not here) that he's a grown man. He can wear whatever he want. That's it.

  12. Eh, make a video regarding Brad Maddox for youtube channel and you'll get instant ratings... and pls.
  13. WTF Batista is 45?!?! he looks like the rapper Pitbull on steroids. and is his bellybutton really pierced??? cause if it is, all thats missing is a tramp stamp and can go for the Divas Title
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  14. Batista has them ADR tits going on.
  15. Are those Timberlands I see?
  16. Denim on denim with timberlands? What is this, 99?
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  17. I was born with that on, brutha.
  18. you were born before 99 i assume.
  19. Si
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