Batman: Arkham Knight announced!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 4, 2014.

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  1. Finally a game that makes me wanna jump to next gen
  2. This game looks great hopefully we get to drive the damn batmobile.
  3. From what I've read it sounds like you can
  4. Some more updates on the game info, it is said to be 5X Larger than Arkham City which was freaking HUGE.
    Right now it is only assumed by reviewers that the ability to Fast Travel that came in during Origins will be back in order to quickly complete objectives per district. However the main reason they made it so huge was so people could eff around with the Batmobile, so yes it is driveable in the new game!

    Also it is looking like it will be strictly Next Generation only which is a major + in my book for the series. I am super excited after reading how big the city is and the batmobile feature.
  5. Sweet trailer but I wanna see some gameplay, and the costume for Batman changed did it not?
  6. True dat, would love to see some Gameplay as well, methinks we'll get some here soon enough! I'm curious to see how smooth it runs and how the graphics look in comparison to the older generation Batman series games.
    nd yes I do believe they altered the suit, haven't popped in Origins or City for quite sometime but it does seem a bit different.
  7. That was a sweet video. Too bad its next gen. Some day *sigh*
  8. Must.. Upgrade... Consolle!!! arghhhhhh!

    I did some reading up on it and it looks like they'll still use the Unreal 3 Engine.. that's something I didn't want to hear I really want to see this Unreal 4 I've been hearing them rave so much about behind the scenes.
    I'll chalk that one up though to the fact that they want to test the Unreal Engine on that style of game before they go ahead and upgrade fully to Unreal 4.
    It also is sounding like there is no Multiplayer which I'm not opposed to, to be honest I spent more time doing everything else than the maybe one or two times I tried it on Origins.
  9. It didn't I don't think, at the beginning when he was in the batcave he didn't already have his suit on he opened up a pod and it was in there.
  10. Looks amazing. My only gripe would be: when did his dad write that? He was randomly shot down, not dying of a disease. Oh well, I'll snag the next gen system late this year, and besides dead rising 3 (which should be cheap by then) this will probably be the only other game I get. I wanted Elder scrolls online also, but 60$ plus 15 monthly on top of XBL and my net bill? Talking 1k a year just to play one game, not including DLC. Pass.
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