Battle Royal for Spot in World Heavyweight Championship MITB Ladder Match

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  1. When will we know who is in the battle royal?
  2. The what now? The contestants in the WHC MITB are already picked. I read the spoilers and I don't see anything about a battle royal.
  3. This article was written on June 23rd the contestants were announced on Smackdown of the 25th lol.
  4. I presumed regardless of the date that there might be a battle royal for an extra place....boooo.
  5. Bleacher Report is fan written articles and editorials. You shouldn't trust Bleacher Report for facts since it is mostly just guys like you and me voicing opinions and ideas. Not to say that normal dirt sheets like Pwmania or Wrestlinginc are 100 % correct but they are at least run by "journalists".
  6. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. No worries. If you want wrestling news the most reliable site is PWinsider in my opinion.
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