Battlefield 4 Fan Appreciation Month

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Star Lord, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. This is why I love Dice, there was a lot of issues at launch with this game which were patched December and this is basically a sorry which is something a lot of players feel are needed, and the general Cod Vs BF argument, would Activision do this with Ghosts? Anyway I love this and for a Battlefield fan its great, thoughts?
  2. I honestly wished I woulda got battlefield instead of Ghosts. :lol1:
  3. You should have got Battlefield :true: even Crayo wants it.
  4. I have BF4 for the PS4, but the patch didn't fix my campaign issues, I had to save onto a flash drive to finally beat it without my campaign deleting itself.
  5. .. So like I got an update today for BF4 and it completely wiped out my sound for the game along with 1.3 million other players currently.. I suggest not playing BF4 until tomorrow or the next day whenever they fix this stupid patch that tried to fix the game
  6. My audio is fine so not everyone is having this issue.
  7. Nope, so far only 1.3 million but that's 1/5th the active users soo it's still pretty bad.
  8. Dont know where you got the 1.3 million stat.
  9. Just got off the phone with EA after two hours and that's the number they have
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