Battleground Battleground Match Card and Live Discussion

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, Jul 10, 2014.

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    WWE Battleground takes place on July 20th at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, FL

    Matches on the card already include..

    Kick-Off matches

    Adam Rose vs Fandango singles match


    Naomi vs Cameron singles match

    1. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way
    John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Roman Reigns

    2. Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt singles match

    3. Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal (competitors pictured)

    4. WWE Divas Championship
    AJ Lee (c) vs Paige

    5. Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 Falls match
    The Usos (c) vs The Wyatts

    6. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins singles match

    7. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs Rusev (w/Lana) singles match

    What are the rumors you've been hearing? What do you think of Battleground so far?
  2. Cena wins lol [Rollins tries to cash in, Ambrose stops him, that's how I see it]

    Hopefully the Wyatts get the tag titles!

    And they better let Cesaro win the battle royal or they'll kill his momentum completely.
  3. It's a great card so far. With the exception of Boreton, it's perfect.
    An Ambrose/Rollins match has potential to be really good, which is why they'll hold it off until SummerSlam.
    Ambrose could bait Rollins into putting the briefcase on the line but, either way, he won't lose it.
    The Rollins/HHH union hasn't reached its apex yet, so its too early to let the hot air out of the balloon at this point.

    I see Lesnar coming down with a steel chair and cleaning house. With all combatants down he lies Cena on top of Kane for the win.
    Lesnar clearly targets Cena for the loss the former took at Extreme Rules 2012.
    This also sets up heat between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for a later date.
  4. It looks like a good card so far. I'm surprised they're giving us Jericho vs Wyatt here instead of saving it for Summerslam, though. I figured we'd get Jericho and The Usos vs The Wyatt Family here at Battleground, but whatever. I guess we'll be seeing that one on Raw next week.
  5. That main event is terrible. Kane, still up there? Really? Orton also doesn't help things, Cena, well, lol, and Reigns being there makes no kayfabe sense. Wyatt/Jericho will be very good, and the battle royal seems interesting, curious about who takes the strap.
  6. Sounds like a decent PPV. Hopefully Wyatt/Jericho is great, Harper & Rowan win the tag titles, the Battle Royal has a few unpredictable moments and the main event isn't too bad. I'd predict that they will put on a surprisingly good match but it won't be great because they don't know what they're doing with these filler PPVs when it comes to the championship now that Bryan's injured, Lesnar's returning and they don't know whether Reigns is fighting Triple H at Summerslam or Night of Champions.
  7. Good job Kevin.

    Surprised to be the bearer of good news, but for a little filler show this card looks great.

    The main event is a great way to test Reigns, the buildup centering around him has made the ME strangely compelling. It's finally nice to see someone new up there and that overshadows everything. I'm assuming the Authority will get involved so the feeling coming out is that Reigns was screwed. That's fine, just keep the focus on him and forget about everyone else. Lesnar can return on Raw.

    Wyatt vs Jericho will be awesome, it'll be great to see Wyatt beat a big name. Usos/Wyatts will have another great tag match. Won't complain about the lack of feud or the multiple matches since this is the best tag action we've had in years.

    We've seen a lot of battle royals lately, and thank goodness Barrett was hurt so he couldn't be damaged any further. Pulling for Sandow to win that, but he won't.

    Very happy with the Divas' division and how logically everything's being done, the Cameron/Naomi thing makes sense and can steal the death spot away from AJ and Paige, so maybe they'll have some chance to get over out there. We know they can put on an NXT-caliber match, so lets see if it happens.
  8. So hopefully we'll have a match for the diva's title with AJ and Paige. (I wouldn't exactly want Paige to win) but I would like to see a more length filled match, maybe have it a little more detailed and a little interesting. Possibly a submission match? Seeing as both ladies have a submission stocked in their move set it would be interesting to see it happen not to mention a chance for diva's to show case more then just one submission finisher.
    but until that's confirmed i guess i'll just have to deal with Naomi carrying Cameron through a match. :grumpy:
  9. Looking forward to Paige/AJ.
  10. I heard that the AJ/Paige match for the Divas Championship was confirmed for Battleground. I'm really looking forward to that match, as well as the match between Jericho and Bray.
  11. They haven't put it up on the site yet... as soon as they do I'll update the original post.
  12. Oh, I already saw the AJ/Cameron match from Smackdown and they had a advertisement for it prior to the match. Here are the graphics for it:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. Looking forward to Swagger vs Rusev. Pure Hoss mach.
  14. Yeah. they'll post it up after Smackdown airs.. I'll change it then =)
  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I'm excited!
  16. Same here! It's nice to see more interest in the Divas Championship. I think there's hype in the division that hasn't been seen in years :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. Indeed, I hope the match goes longer then normal to. AJ And Paige seem like the types that could pull some pretty cool reversal finishers!
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  18. There isn't.
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  19. Exactly! And I'm sure they could wrestle for at least 10 minutes, so I hope the match is longer.
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  20. I'm looking forward to Swagger vs Rusev.

    If the 'Yawn fest' Rusev wins, which I believe he will, I hope he doesn't squash Swagger. If he's going to get the win, at least have Swagger be close to get the victory at some point, instead of just him losing in less than 3 minutes.
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