Battleground Battleground match-ups/card prediction

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 25, 2016.

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    Alright! You know the drill. Let's try and predict the Battleground card.

    - Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

    - Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

    - The Club vs John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass

    - The Miz vs Darren Young for the Intercontinental Championship

    - Rusev vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship

    - Becky Lynch vs Natalya

    - The New Day vs The Wyatt Family

    - Sasha Banks & a mystery partner vs Charlotte & Dana Brooke

    - The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton
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  2. Shield Triple Threat
    Greatest chance is Dean retaining, but if WWE is this crazy on Roman they'll just put the title back on him *snap* like that and continue with him like this suspension never happened.

    AJ vs. Cena
    Cena clean or Styles dirty, because Cena and Vince McMahon

    Miz vs. Cesaro
    Miz retains because WWE likes super long title reigns on the Miz and it'll promote Marine 5 in a way in which no one will care XD or who knows maybe the right thing will be done for Cesaro for one

    Apollo vs. Sheamus
    Apollo again

    New Day vs. Wyatts
    Tough one, I see New Day go a full year with the belts but what about the Wyatts? They can use this badly.

    Rusev vs. Titus
    Titus to win? Or Rusev to look strong and beat the same man over and over?

    Baron Corbin vs. Someone who is not Dolph
    Orrrr maybe Dolph will face him again? God knows, in Cody's words, stop hitting of developmental women creative and think about Baron, not just Cena and Reigns!

    Charlotte vs. Sasha
    To make battleground a ppv to remember, give Banks the belt, but since the women aren't really going anywhere on creative terms it's just keep the belt on Charlotte until Dana Brooke has enough to leverage to hold it forever.

    Natalya vs. Lynch

    As you can tell I predicted the worst and the best... Honestly Im expecting nothing out of BG
  3. The New Day vs Enzo & Cass for WWE Tag Team titles - that is what I think most people want but once again, Wyatts come out of no where and have us wondering what they will ruin BUT then again, a feud with the Wyatts and Enzo/Cass could be good so you never know.
  4. -Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns. The dream match we all wanted for two years. LETS DO THIS
    Match ends when CM Punk runs in for dat TLC 2013 revenge


    -Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens, after all, they are destined to do this forever...

    -Corbin vs Ziggler, after all we are fucking destined to do this shit forever aren't we

    -Cesaro vs Miz, Miz retains via random meteor strike to the ring scaring the briefs off Cesaro. Maryse is torn. Miz goes on to have the longest IC Title reign of all time

    -Sasha and Becky... banksy? vs Charlotte and Dana, Brooke-char?... because we can't have TOO many nice things on one card I suppose and have to waste Sasha's return pop on this

    -Rusev totally wrecks an ANGRIER Titus who blows himself up after 20 seconds

    -Apollo Crews vs Sheamus, 2/3 Falls, because we need an extra long bathroom break after the 4th of July forces us to celebrate our proud Americanness by eating fatty foods and cloggy toilets

    -New Day vs a blank sheet of paper (fuck the Wyatts)

    -Chris Jericho replaces Byron Saxton on commentary
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  5. -Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
    Rollins to win by shenanigans

    -Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (Last Man Standing)
    Zayn wins because Payback

    -The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family (Probably Harper and Rowan)
    Wyatts to win by some sort of interference

    -Rusev vs. Titus O'Neil
    Rusev squashes

    -Aj Styles vs. John Cena
    Cena wins setting up for the 3rd match at SS

    -Natalya vs. Becky Lynch
    Nattie wins because why not

    -Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte
    Charlotte wins by a Dana Brooke interference

    -Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus
    Apollo wins because fuck you Sheamus

    -Usos vs. The Club
    The Club because fuck The Usos

    -Baron Corbin vs. A Jobber
  6. Shield Triple Threat, Dean retains. Or Roman does and is full heel.

    New Day v Wyatt, New Day retains. Unless Harper is in it.

    Rusev v Titus, feud ends here. Rusev crush ofc.

    Apollo v Sheamus, Sheamus wins. Rewarded with a SummerSlam kickoff

    Another fatal four way for the IC title, same people involved. Worked so well the first couple of times, why ruin a good thing? Owens or Cesaro to win.

    AJ v Cena 2- Cena wins, final bout at SS.

    Charlotte, Natty, and Dana v Paige, Becky, and Sasha. PBS Kids yeah!

    Baron Corbin in a kickoff match.

    Some multi tag match, gotta have Club & Enzo/Cass on the show. Other tag teams are just fodder in the match.
  7. Updated the OP, as Zayn vs KO has been made official.

    And considering they're supposed to battle it out once and for all and they're possibly getting split up during the draft, I guess there'll be a stipulation involved in their match.
  8. Seth vs. Dean vs. Roman
    -Dean to win

    Styles vs. Cena

    Club vs. Usos

    Owens vs. Zayn

    New Day vs. Wyatts
    -Wyatts via Xavior Woods interference

    Natalya vs. Lynch

    Charlotte vs. Sasha
    -Charlotte via Dana Brooke interference

    Corbin vs. Ziggler
    -Ziggler (we are in fact destined to have this go on forever)
  9. Updated the OP. The card as of right now:

    - Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

    - Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

    - The Club vs John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass

    - Becky Lynch vs Natalya
  10. Man I'm so much more interested in Club vs Cena/Enzo/Cass.
  11. Shield Triple Threat (officially announced)

    The dream match we've all been wanting to see ever since the Shield broke up and though easily a Wreslemania caliber match (or at least Summerslam worthy), we get it at Battleground instead. As noted in another thread, the only reason I can think of for why this is happening at this particular time is the upcoming draft since it's rather obvious that by the end of it, these three guys won't be on the same show all together. The way I see it, it's not like WWE couldn't book this match anyway but it is what it is so at this point, I shall once again state what I feel is the obvious: have Roman eat the pinfall, have Dean retain and keep the ball rolling. Even more obvious? Turn Roman heel already; if this ain't the ideal timing, I don't know when is...

    Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens (officially announced)

    Rumor has it that by Draft day, these guys will go on seperate shows so if this is supoosed to be considered the blow off, I at least expect some kind of stipulation to be added and if RAW two weeks ago was any kind of indication with their brawl that ended up backstage, how about fall counts anywhere? As for the outcome, Sami Zayn winning would probably give him some redemption for when he was originally stabbed in the back by Owens in NXT, however if we look back at the recent PPV's, he's already cost KO several opportunities, whether it was the Royal Rumble or the Mania Ladder match for the IC title or most recently MITB, to name a few so one can easily argue that he's somewhat exacted some revenge. At the end of the day, this can easily go either way but if I had to make a choice right now, I'd go with KO.

    The Club vs. John Cena, Enzo & Cass (officially announced)

    Aside from this being a very interesting match to begin with, it's also smart booking on behalf of WWE because this gives them the opportunity to save the dream match part 2 for Summerslam. As for the outcome, on one hand one would think that the Club should continue to look strong, thus walk out of Battleground winners, on the other hand Cena has already suffered enough beatings on RAW, not to mention the loss at MITB. And if the Club were to prevail, who would eat the pinfall on the other end? Cena? Nope. Cass? Definetely no. Enzo? Doesn't seem fitting either. So, perhaps some iffy DQ finish? That could probably be one way to look at it and this perhaps would set up Styles vs. Cena part 2 at Summerslam becoming a Cage Match, just so it is certain that no one can interfere.

    Becky Lynch vs. Natalya (officially announced)

    Can't say I'm really invested in this one but for what it's worth, I feel Becky is due for a big win so I'm guessing she goes over at Battleground...

    As for the rest of the card, I wouldn't be surprised if we got another Women's tag match with Charlotte, Dana, Sasha and Paige. Yes, everyone (including me) is excited about the eventual one on one between Sasha and Charlotte but this is something that ought to be saved for Summerslam so, if that indeed is the case, what else is there to do in order to save it for another month?

    Rusev vs. Titus O'Neal has already happened once too many times and with Titus being pinned clean every time, there's really no other excuse in order for him to be granted yet another title shot. With that being said, I'd be looking for a new challenger in the upcoming weeks as far as the US title goes. Who, you ask? That's up to WWE to figure out but how about Darren Young? I mean, enough with these promos that have been dragging in what feels like for ever and have this guy make his debut. And just to be clear, Rusev would still retain of course. I see it as a simple situation in which Young's debut doesn't go as well as planned and then him and Backlund try to figure out what went wrong or something. Idk, maybe this sounds silly but at least it's an idea and the way RAW has been running lately, creative seems to be lacking in that department.

    Miz vs. Cesaro is match that could be revisited for the IC title since it really never happened. As you all may recall, what started off as a feud ended up becoming a multi-man match so I certainly wouldn't mind to see this feud pick up again...

    Million Dollar Question: What to do with Corbin? Interestingly enough, WWE put out a nice video package the other day (kind of felt out of the blue though, didn't it?) so perhaps they do have something in mind; hopefully it ain't Ziggler again. If it were a few years back, I'd probably pick Kane as a nice opponent but nowadays...naaah. Hmm, how does...WE THE PEOPLE sound?

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  12. Corbin vs Wyatt? Just sayin'
  13. Wyatt's a heel again since he's back. Need a babyface who can give Corbin the rub. It'd be great if Orton were back to see him lock it up with Corbin.

    Brash young heel VS dude who wrote the book on being a brash young heel.
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  14. Not a bad idea at all however it appears that WWE are going for Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar at Summerslam or at least that's the word going around anyway...Either way, again, not a bad idea...
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  15. It could happen this year at some point. Stoked for Orton returning. Against Lesnar? That's a main event for sure.
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  16. And there you have it: Orton vs. Lesnar made official indeed for Summerslam...
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  17. I am markin out. They're bringing Randy back in full returning legendary wrestler status.
  18. This card... this is so weird.

    It's Battleground. It's technically a C show... That fact isn't lost on me, partially because of everyone and their entire family yelling out "WTF THIS MATCH MUST BE AT SUMMERSLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" which has really put wrestling fans on my last nerve... *ahem* But it's really not lost on me because I'm so used to seeing Battleground as WWE's (non-tarnished) Victory Road, a show full of some strong cards but a whole lot of bullshit finishes to build up to rematches on a better show, and I'd rather see a good standalone Battleground tbh. So when I see a stacked lineup, I want to be excited for this, but know better and understand the company listening to a bunch of whiny tards complaining about "omg why are you giving us good stuff on THIS show and not the OTHER". I hope this show is a 2/10 to spite you.


    If I'm judging this as New Japan Raw since I barely watch, man do I like this Natalya heel turn. She's been turned on and involved with stupid stuff and watching two chicks ACTUALLY GET ALONG was the straw that broke the camels back and she snapped and attacked Becky, and Becky feeling betrayed and beating up the bitter chick who attacked her for seemingly no reason and I can get into that. I hope the match turns out really well! Nattie's a decent choice to be the "jobber to the stars" and all, rebuilding Becky needs to be high priority. Get the stench of jobbing to Dana off her.

    speaking of good builds, I need to check out this Wyatt Family vs New Day stuff

    Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the LAST TIME and I'm buying it. Man I'm so happy to see these two split up + we get a killer match out of it. Can't wait to see what Zayn does on his own, and it's VERY hard to find 2 bigger no-brainers than "Sami Zayn goes to Smackdown to reunite with Ryan Ward and be the next top guy" and "Kevin Owens stays on Raw where they need as many people to entertain audiences for 30 minute blocks as possible!". Please please PLEASE

    I'm not gonna bother predicting Club vs Cena and the Certified G's. I just hope it's something interesting, something that's a little better than "Cena/AJ pins a tag team guy". Hell it's the perfect way to give AJ another pinfall win over Cena amidst a bunch of chaos. Two straight pinfall wins by AJ Styles over John Cena, then you can even split them up right afterwards before Cena gets his win back? Hell yeah! Either way this'll be good.

    SHIELD TRIPLE THREAT LAUHN;juia;yhahui;lrgao;ipo dude. All three Shield guys are so horribly miscast right now. Dean Ambrose is the one guy who can be a breakout star on this roster, who can cut promos we'll be talking about 20 years later, and he's a comedy character. Seth Rollins busts his ass and gives more effort in the ring than arguably any other person on the roster, and he's a coward heel. Roman Reigns is the most hatable smug prick in the world who has everything handed to him, and he's a smiling babyface. All three guys are literally backwards to where they should be in one way or another... yet we're still looking forward to the match. Maybe we aren't so negative after all... Anyway I almost want to call runins because Battleground... I WANT to see Ambrose retain, but if the rest of his reign will be like what I've seen of this one why bother... I damn sure won't complain about Seth winning, but that's kinda treading water... Roman winning seems to be the right call here, because rioting in the stands is interest and a big reaction and will damn sure draw attention like Royal Rumble Rebellion I and II did. So much heat.
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  19. Updated the OP and added the following matches: The Miz vs Darren Young for the IC title and Rusev vs Zack Ryder for the US title
  20. Has darren young even had any real matches? Or just the Baqcklund shit to get him a shot.
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