Bayern slaughters Basel

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    Bayern Champions League winners 2012
  2. I really no have no idea who those people are. I don't really follow soccer.
  3. Cray- umm I mean Optimus is our local soccer guy. I'm surprised he hasn't commented on whatever this means.
  4. No way are you getting passed Madrid or Barca. I guarantee it'll go to a Spanish club this year. It was a good win, Ribery on the day was fantastic as was Robben, like Manchester United most of your goals come from the width areas, as both teams have fantastic wingers. Though you rely on say 5 players, if they don't perform your team doesn't perform (Ribery, Robben, Neur, Schweinsteiger and Gomez). Barcelona and Madrid have the best squads in world football (especially Madrid). Barca's might be small but they're all excellent players. I just see it going to Madrid or Barca to be honest. Bayern (again like Man U) have been way too inconsistent.
  5. Lawls Bayan. :shovel: on that piss poor Swiss club.
  6. My fellow Dutchy Arjen Robben ftw at Bayern.
    No CL winners for sure.
    Barca is comin for you Bayern!

    I like how Robben goes to the same hairdresser as Taker.
  7. LOL not sure what you mean since Barca will also crumble if they lose Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Fabregas, Puyol.... What a hypothetical situation too since that never happens.

    Bayern can and will beat Barcelona or Real Madrid should they face each other. Mark my words. The only team that can stop Bayern is Barcelona because of the support they get from associations like UEFA and referee's. Bayern players are just as good as the 2 teams ure talking about

    Madrid has also been inconsistent, just like Barcelona... Bayern has never performed bad for more than 2 matches in a row. If Bayern faces Marseille in the quarter final, Milan in the semi finals and barca/madrid in the final, Bayern can lift the CL trophy in the air.

    But if Bayern is set to face Madrid next and Barca in the semi final, it will be very hard. As usual, they will book Barca to face a team like Benfica or APOEL in the quarter finals.....
  8. They could not even go through Inter.
    And it's almost the same Bayern.
    Don't get your hopes up too much, G.
  9. Going to break this down since I want to pummel your logic.

    Barcelona has beaten teams 4-0 and 6-0 with their "b team", one game their biggest name was "Thiago" and they played NO DIFFERENT than the Barca way. They have the best reserve team in world football. Plus, their top players are a lot better than Bayern's top players. You're losing a lot in a way worse league with your top players still playing. Harsh facts bro (I'm a football nerd).

    Words can't say how stupid that is.

    1) Real Madrid are the best team in the world at the moment - only one team can beat them and it's Barca (only if it's over 2 legs). They are destroying La Liga, and doing it in style. Their football is mesmorizing and their squad is the strongest, and biggest in world football. Bayern are no where near as good as Madrid, maybe if they had a bad day you'd scrape a win.

    2) Barcelona, the team who is labeled as the "best ever" (EVER, including the memorising Brazillian teams, German teams, England teams, etc), are the best beacuse they rely on Fifa and referees? Give me a break mate. Their football is unmatched, in fact, only Madrid can match Barca in style. They have the best player ever (Messi), the best midfielder ever (Xavi), second best midfielder in the world (Iniesta), but they rely on officials? Bayern's players wouldn't even get in most premier league teams apart from Ribery and Shweinsteiger. Robben is probably the most inconsistent top player in world football and is injured every other game. Gomez relies on other players where as Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Sanchez, Higuain, Benzema etc can all make goals themselves.

    Madrid have lost only 2 games this season, Barca the same (and unbeaten at home).

    Spanish league table top 2:

    German league table top 2:

    Let's not talk about consistency. Your logic is basically this: "If we avoid the best teams in 2 legs we might have a chance in winning the final over 1", you're right, that's your only chance. If it's played over 1 leg only and if Barca or Madrid have a bad match. If it's done over 2 legs, you will lose at home and lose away.

    More bullshit. Madrid vs Barca played each-other in the semi's last year, Barca had Arsenal beforehand. Hard hard draws.

  10. Sure, because the Spanish League is so worthless that they can win mid-table sized teams with a couple of bench players (and then lose a match vs Osasuna with a full squad.) The only thing Barcelona has on Bayern is squad depth.

    Disagree completely. The only thing Barcelona has on Bayern is a solid central defender. Lets compare players one by one since you chose to go that route.

    Neuer = Best goalkeeper in the world, better than Valdes.
    Lahm = Best fullback in the world, can play consistent on both sides. Better than any Barcelona fullback.
    Boateng = comparable to Pique (who is also in a decline lately)
    Badstuber = Worse than Puyol
    Van Buyten = comparable to abidal in central defense.

    Then onto Bayern's best strength, midfield and offense.

    Schweinsteiger most definitely has qualities that Xavi does not have, I am talking about areal balls and defensive work. I hope you saw that great pass He gave to Robben (the 7-0). Also, Bayern played without him for about 2 months.

    Luis Gustavo is an excellent worker and is a defensive beast. Can be compared to the best defensive midfielder in the world.

    Then onto the wingers, Robben and Ribery are definitely better than all their wingers. Toni Kroos, the playmaker, is also an excellent player who can easily replace Iniesta at Bayern should he have to. I almost forgot Thomas Mueller who is an excellent work horse and poacher.

    And last but not least, the best striker in the world, SUPER MARIO GOMEZ. This man just keeps scoring and scoring. Note I said striker, Messi or Ronaldo aren't strikers!

    Mario Gomez scored 4 goals Yesterday too. Gomez is simply better than van Persie, who sucks for his Dutch country and only performs for Arsenal. Messi is just starting out for his argentina by scoring a hat-trick just recently, Ronaldo not shining with Portugal either. But GOMEZ is shining with Germany.

    Hahaha, like if winning La Liga (come on!) is a great achievement... La Liga is a league where 18 teams help 2 teams win. One year it's Madrid and one year its Barcelona. I watch Madrid weekly and I honestly don't think they are better than Bayern. Madrid-Bayern is always a historic match and Bayern usually has the upper hand.

    Labeled by who exactly? The fact is that there is no best team in the world. And yes, it's also a fact Barcelona did not deserve 4 CL trophies, but 2. They play good alright, but we all know they cheated their way to the finals and trophies. I am not going to go into detail about that.

    Madrid can't match Barcelona, you know why? Because of ^^^^^. Not sure if you watched their latest Copa del Rey clash.

    I hope you are joking....?

    This is true.

    All these players beside the last 2 ones aren't strikers, surprise surprise!

    Just some statistics:

    FACT: Mario Gomez has 73 goals in 81 Bayern games (including 11 hat-tricks in 17 months)

    Lionel Messi has had 21 attempts off target, 26 attempts on target, and netted 12 in the tournament phase. Mario Gomez has had 7 attempts off target, 20 attempts on target, and netted 10 in the tournament phase.

    Yet most people still think he isn't that good. Go figure!

    I hope you know the Bundesliga is more competitive than that La Liga league. Same way Man City or Man utd can lose to Sunderland, Bayern can lose the title race to a side that is going to the 2.bundesliga next season.

    Yes and they deserved to win both matches because they are Barcelona and are so magical that their opponent gets a red card for no apparent reason!

    You know what, I think Barca is gonna reach the final with Bayern and HOWARD WEBB is going to be the referee, hahahahha.
  11. Bullshit. My god I can't stress how wrong (or just completely bias) that is. La Liga used to be terrible, and in terms of a competitive league it still is terrible as the top two are guaranteed every single year. However, the strength (because of those top two) are equal to the premier league (widely regarded as the best, and strongest/hardest league in the world). Athletic Bilbao proved that when they played United last week. All Spanish teams play with the best style in the world, hence why their country is the best team Ni the world by a country mile. I'm guessing you're a new football fan.

    Neur - Better than Valdes yes, but not the best in the world. Valdes is the 3rd choice Spanish keeper. Reina, Casilas (best) and Hart are better than him. Neur is world class though.

    Lahm - Very good fullback, not the best at all, but he's good. Alvez > him. Quite a few right backs better than Lahm, that's why no club is going for him.

    Boateng - completely unknown player. Flopped at Manchester City. No where near as good as Pique who is equally no where near as good as Puyol. Barca's CB's are their weakest position too. Lol.

    Badstuber - Absolutely horrific.

    Van Buyten - Dirty tackler, does his job well. Equal to let's say Scott Parker. No where near as good as Busquets or Abidal at all.

    Schweinsteiger - he's in the top 10 best midfielders but no where near as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Ozil, Kaka, Silva, Fabregas, Lucas, Eriksen. Come on, he's good at passing. Let's not over exaggerate because you're a Bayern fan, be neutral. He wouldn't get in Barca's team, that's for sure.

    Gustavo - No he can't. Unless they actually have been compared don't pretend they can be. He's a semi-decent defensive midfielder. Busquets, Parker, Essien, Diarra and Khedira are all better than him. And that guy from Bilbao but I can't spell his name.

    Robben - Better than "all their wingers". No way. Sanchez is better than Robben, why? Because he's consistent. Robben can turn up and be the worst player on the pitch, or be the best. He's inconsistent, there's a reason he's never in world team of the year teams and never nominated for Fifa awards.

    Ribery - You're right, he's better than David Villa. Barca don't really have an out and out winger because they don't rely on their width play, they play more centrally. Ribery (on his day, again, inconsistent) is one of the best wingers in world football. Ronaldo is a LOT better than him though so he's not untouchable.

    Kroos - A playmarker, not excellent at all. He's average, decent. Can replace Iniesta? I'm sorry but he wouldn't even make Barca's bench, don't kid yourself mate. Watch Iniesta more, please. On his day he's better than Xavi, and is sometimes equally as good as Messi going forward, he's fantastically good.

    Gomez - I'm sorry, did I read "best striker in the world?" Well, firstly, Messi plays ST every single game. He's a striker who drops back, like Rooney. Both are years ahead of Gomez. Gomez isn't in the world team of the year, and never is. Sure, he's scored a lot, but they're goals anyone can score. Sorry, but he's not even in the top 5 best strikers in the world. Messi, Ronaldo (who sometimes is a striker), Neymar, Rooney, Van Persie, Aguero, Benzema, David Villa, Tevez (Yes, Tevez), Hernandez are all better than him. You're completely bias it's unreal.

    I agree, La Liga is a league dominated by their best teams, but all leagues would be the same with Madrid and Barca in them. I doubt Bayern would make top four if they were in Bundesliga . Barca don't cheat, get that bs out of your head. They dive sure, but they aren't rigged. They're the best team in world football. La Liga is much harder than Bundesliga. You do know the German league is close to losing its 4 champions league spots right? Because of how poor it has become. [/quote]

    I watch every Madrid and Barca game. I watched the Copa Del Rey clash and it just proved one thing -- that Jose Mourinho is the joint best manager in the world (With Sir Alex Ferguson). Madrid were nothing compared with Barca a year ago, now look at them. Madrid were unlucky at home, they dominated the whole match but let in 3 goals somehow. Then went and DREW in the Nou Camp, a fucking hard place to go, and dominated that match too. They're both equal. They are both miles ahead of the rest of the world.

    My list of best teams in the world atm goes like this (most football fans agree)

    1) Madrid
    2) Barca
    3) Manchester United
    4) Manchester City
    5) Tottenham
    6) Arsenal
    7) Chelsea
    8) Bayern Munich

    At the Mario Gomez part -- you need to stop comparing him to Messi. He's four leagues below Messi, only Ronaldo is in Messi's league. Then the second league consists off Rooney, Iniesta, Xavi, Ozil and Van Persie, third league is the Benzema's, Fabregas', Higuains etc, then the fourth league is the Gomez'. He's completely overrated Gomez.

    Funniest part of the post. Bundesliga consists of crap teams, where Bayern should be storming through. However, you're so god damn inconsistent you can't even get top spot. I mean, look who's above you for god sake. Like that team would EVER match Barca or Madrid or any PL team. PL is the hardest league in the world, then it's La Liga, then it's probably Brazil or Portugal. German league has turned terrible. Bayern shouldn't have lost a game.

    Barcelona have sometimes had better ref calls than other teams, but who can say they haven't? As a Manchester United fan - I've seen some pretty amazing calls go in our favour, but some absolutely terrible ones which haven't. It's football. It happens. Watch Barca's games against Arsenal in their prime, against Madrid last year, against Man United in the final, they're too good. They needed no help.

    Howard Webb is the best ref in the world so I don't get the joke. [/quote]
  12. LOL I wasn't gonna reply since your post is laughable but im gonna reply to some points anyway


    LOOOOL!!! Man, The Spanish football style is completely nothing! They don't even have a style, Before 2008, Spain was NOTHING!!! They could only kick the ball, nothing else! If it wasn't for the Barca uprising, Spain would not have won anything. And United lost to Bilbao because.... You guessed it, they are playing in the EUROPA LEAGUE!!!

    You should take a look at the La Liga standings, look for the drop between Barcelona and Valencia for example, then go watch EPL or Bundesliga standings.

    WOW!!!!!!! Not sure if you are serious here... LOL!!!

    First of all, Lahm would have went to Barcelona when Alves wasn't at Barca yet, guess what, he denied the move. Bayern players are very loyal (homegrown ones.)

    Not sure if you know about BOA at Man City, it's not unusual for a player to flop at Manchester City if you know what I mean. He was injured all the time too and benched. I suggest you watch some matches of Bayern to see that Boateng is a defensive monster.

    And Lol @ calling Badstuber horrific, more prove you haven't watched a Bayern game since 2 seasons ago where he played left back and Nani and Valencia annihilated him.

    And you call Robben bad because he is always injured? Guess where Sanchez is now, he is INJURED LOL. Robben is way better than Sanchez.

    Not gonna reply to the Gomez thing since I wont go into detail if someone is saying that TEVEZ, HERNANDEZ, NEYMAR AND AGUERO are better than him.




    Lmfao, ok, im going to stop discussing this with you now.

    Good luck in the.... Europa League my friend.

    We will know on Friday which team Bayern will slaughter next.

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  14. Going to stop replying to Tombstone since it's turned into a "LOL U CRAZY IM RIGHT SO ILL POST SOME LIES".

    99% of football fans will tell you Barcelona shit on Bayern every day of the week, they'll even add in one more day of the week just to shit on you some more.
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