News Bayley’s heel turn did not go over well with at least one young fan

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For years, we’ve heard that one of the big reasons why WWE wouldn’t turn Bayley heel was because of her popularity with kids.

Mostly the example given was the negative impact it could have on merchandise sales. But there’s also this, the reaction from a young Bayley Buddy to her actions on the Fri., Oct. 11 SmackDown, shared by his father on Twitter:

This is going over very poorly in my household. #Smackdown

— HalloWill (@WilliamRBR) October 12, 2019
The clip quickly went viral, and the young fella’s pain is giving fans a reason to keep buzzing about Dark Bayley.

While his former fave would probably just say “screw you” (she did retweet the video without comment), at least dad knew exactly what to do:

By the way, all is good now.

— HalloWill (@WilliamRBR) October 12, 2019
Good call. Even when the world turns against him, Peter Parker will never turn on you. Except for that time a symbiote made him a jerk in Spider-Man 3, or when Dr. Octopus took over his body in the comics, or...

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Grievous 3D

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So "Heel" Bayley is still wearing the same amount of clothes as "Original" Bayley?

I like how the only way the WWE can really push a performer is to turn them heel
or make them into a "Wannabe" Steve Austin or CM Punk.


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