BCW: British Championship Wrestling

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    British Championship Wrestling

    British Championship Wrestling offers fans some of the best wrestling in the world along with the best wrestler from various countries in one location. Every Saturday night on BBC 2, BCW Unlimited shows some of the best live wrestling to grace the earth and it's all free.

    Nigel McGuinness wished to run his own company, leaving ROH and finding an unlikely sponsor in his home country. Together, The Mystery Co-Owner and McGuinness created BCW, a place where wrestlers can show their skills off. The Influence of the Co-Owner was great enough that BCW could secure a Deal with the BBC, running shows on BBC 2 and PPV's on BBC one, with a view of their main show moving to BBC one should they gain the necessary viewers.

    Alex Shelly
    AR Fox
    Chuck Taylor
    Chris Sabin
    Davey Boy Smith Jr
    Dave Rayne
    Jay Briscoe
    Johnny Gargano
    Jimmy Havoc
    Kevin Steen
    Kenny Omega
    Kris Travis
    Mark Briscoe
    Martin Kirby
    Matt Jackson
    Matt Sydal
    Mikey Nichols
    Nick Jackson
    Prince Devitt
    Rampage Brown
    Rich Swann
    Shane Haste
    Roderick Strong
    Tyler Black
    Zack Sabre Jr.

    Tag Teams:

    Shane Haste
    Mike Nichols

    Project EGO:
    Kris Travis
    Martin Kirby

    Inner city Machine guns:
    Rich Swann

    African American Wolves:
    AR Fox

    Briscoe Brothers:

    Jay Briscoe
    Mark Briscoe

    The Young Bucks:
    Matt and Nick Jackson.

    Time Splitters:
    Alex Shelly

    Team Single:
    Rampage Brown


    None as of yet


    BCW Championship: Vacant

    BCW Adrenaline Championship: Vacant

    BCW Tag Team Championship: Vacant

    BCW UnLimited on BBC Two on Saturday Nights.

    Before anyone asks about my roster, this was done via a Draft on another website and I wish to just put my BTB on here as it develops on the other website.
  2. BCW Unlimited Episode One Preview

    Main Event:

    Prince Devitt takes on Tyler Black, both men wanting to show that they can become the BCW champion.

    Matt Sydal takes on Japanese Star, Kushida

    TMDK takes on the Project EGO

    and to open the show, Kevin Steen will take on Dave Rayne.

    We will also have a word with Owner Nigel McGuinness as well as Announcements regarding the titles.

    Stay tuned, BCW Fans.
  3. Nice roster man, looking forward to the first show. Using EWR or something?
  4. Nope. I can't really rely on EWR or TEW anymore so I'm self Writing it. I have stuff planned out and I'm writing show one as we speak.
  5. Nice concept. But a bit of a unbelievable roster for such a young company. Danielson and Black jumping from a global juggernaut to a national/cult sized company in it's infancy seems a bit farfetched imo.
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  6. The thing is, This was done on another website as a part of a BTB League. I just tried to limit the number of WWE/TNA guys I signed. Compared to the other rosters in the league, mine is a the most realistic out of the bunch.
  7. Replacing Danielson with Kenny Omega...
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