BCW: British Championship Wrestling

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  1. Roster (open)
    Axel Dieter Jr.

    Bad Bones

    Big Daddy Walter


    Charlie Garrett

    Danny Hope

    Dave Mastiff

    Dave Rayne

    Drew Galloway

    Eddie Dennis

    El Ligero


    Iestyn Rees

    James Davis

    Jimmy Havoc

    Joe Coffey

    Joey Hayes

    Joel Redman

    Johnny Moss

    Kenny Williams

    Kris Travis

    Lion Heart

    Lion Kid

    Mark Andrews

    Mark Coffey

    Mark Haskins

    Martin Kirby

    Martin Stone

    Marty Scurll

    Noam Dar

    Paul Robinson

    Pete Dunne

    Rampage Brown

    Rob Lynch

    Sha Samuels




    Wild Boar

    Will Osprey

    Zack Gibson

    Zack Sabre Jr

    Others + Teams and Stables (open)


    Richard Branson – Owner of BCW

    Alex Shane – Commentator

    Mad Man Manson – Commentator

    Spud – Manager of Rampage Brown and The London Riots

    Tag Teams:

    London Riots (James Davies and Rob Lynch)

    The Firm (Martin Stone and Sha Samuels)

    FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis)

    The Coffey Brothers (Joe and Mark Coffey)

    Swords of Essex (Paul Robinson and Will Osprey)

    Spud Industries (Spud, Rampage Brown, London Riots)

    The Renegades (Bad Bones, Big Daddy Walter and Axel Dieter Jr.)

    Titles (open)
    BCW British Heavyweight: Rampage Brown

    Won at Ignition vs Drew Galloway (Finale of Tournament)

    BCW Explosion: Will Osprey


    Won at Ignition vs Mark Andrews, Axel Dieter Jr and Uhaa Nation (Explosion Finale)

    BCW British Tag Team: London Riots (James Davis and Rob Lynch)

    Won at Ignition vs The Firm (Sha Samuels and Martin Stone)
  2. Backstory

    The year of 2014 marked a great year for wrestling around the world but many people within the UK and Europe saw the British Wrestling Scene boom, creating many stars out of already known men and creating stars out of the younger, more agile and athletic stars who wowed the crowds. British Wrestling had returned to TV Screens, be it Challenge's British Wrestling Roundup, ICW's BBC Documentary or Progress' Channel 4 TV Spot, Audiences had begun to tune in for these shows whenever they aired and one man took notice...and That man was Richard Branson.

    Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, had shown interest over the year of getting into a sport related project, reportedly already obtaining a TV spot on one of the Sky Sports channels in advance for the new year. Many had speculated what this new project was but Richard was able to keep the Project a Secret until December of 2014, Speaking in a Press Conference and Revealing his plans. Alongside Alex Shane, The man responsible for British Wrestling Roundup and Wrestle Talk TV, Branson announced his plans of British Championship Wrestling, A New Promotion with a TV Spot every Friday Night from 9-11pm on Sky Sports 4 with their main show: Showcase. Also being announced was the PPV Deal, Announcing that Sky Sports 4 will hold the PPVs for all subscribers to the channel.

    Signing deals with promotions such as Progress, PCW, ICW, Welsh Wrestling, Rev Pro and PBW to make use of their stars on a weekly basis without any conflicts as well as making use of what training facilities and rookies the promotions may create over the Years as well as establishing a link with WXW in Europe, securing the names of Bad Bones, Big Daddy Walter and Axel Dieter Jr. as well as the possibility of other WXW Stars in the future.

    BCW is Bringing British Wrestling back to National TV.
  3. January 2015 recap
    The very first Showcase was shown on the 2nd of January 2015 and it got the ball rolling for BCW. The show opened up with Richard Branson addressing the crowd, Announcing a tournament for The British Heavyweight title as well as announcing four match up where the winner will face each other at Ignition. Branson announced also that the Tag title match will be decided by a 8 man tag match, where the winners would face each other at Ignition for the Tag belts. He announced the commentary team would be Alex Shane and recently retired Mad Man Manson, who got a big reaction from his appearance.

    BCW Ignition 25th January 2014

    Rampage Brown vs Drew Galloway - BCW British Heavyweight match.

    The Finalists of the tournament would meet at Ignition after three shows worth of matches, Rampage Brown, who powered his way through against Lionheart and Jimmy Havoc, going head to head against "Scotland's Chosen Son" Drew Galloway, Who defeated T-Bone and Dave Mastiff to get to the finals. The match would prove to be a hard hitting, 25 minute match which ended in controversy when Spud made a surprise appearance, nothing to mention his appearance or a Deal, walking down to the ring and distracting Drew Galloway to allow Rampage Brown to Piledrive Galloway and to gain the win and the belt. On Showcase the next Friday, Spud would announce the start Spud Industries, Claiming he was 'Fired' from TNA and he wants to take BCW to Their Level and that Rampage Brown is the man to do so. Galloway would come out and clear the ring, proclaiming that Spud and Rampage will soon pay.

    Will Ospreay vs Mark Andrews vs Axel Dieter Jr vs Uhaa Nation - BCW Explosion Title

    All the men in this match won a match to take a spot in this match, Will Osprey defeating Marty Scurll, Mark Andrews defeating Noam Dar, Uhaa Nation defeating El Ligero and in a controversial fashion, Axel Dieter Jr defeating Paul Robinson by Bad Bones interfering and distracting the ref, allowing Axel to get a chair shot in. Worthy of the Co-Main Event spot, This 20 minute match featured fast paced, Athletic Moves to take place and Will Osprey got the win by hitting a 630 splash onto Dieter after Bad Bones tried interfering, Throwing Andrews into a guard rail before Paul Robinson ran out and attacked him, throwing him to the back as Dieter looked on, Ospreay hitting a Brainbuster onto Dieter before Finishing him off.

    The Firm vs The London Riots - British Tag Team Match

    Another 20 minute match, The Firm and The London Riots defeated The Coffeys and Joey Hayes and Zack Gibson. The London Riots grabbed the win after hitting their finishing maneuver onto the Firm.

    Jimmy Havoc vs Stixx

    This match was set up after Jimmy Havoc, following Stixx's match against Dave Mastiff, Came out and called him weak and planted his boot on his face before stomping him onto the mat. Stixx came back the next week to distract Havoc against Brown as he fell to the BCW British Champion, enraging Havoc who attacked him before Galloway vs Mastiff, Weakening his Right Leg. The match went on for 15 minutes as Havoc took full advantage of this injury, Repeatedly kicking and locking in holds onto the injured leg before hitting him with a Death Valley Driver and Pinning him for the win, Deciding to put him out of action by smacking a chair over his leg, prompting the medics to come out and check on Stixx.

    Zack Sabre Jr vs Dave Mastiff

    This match was a special attraction match, Zack Sabre Jr, returning from Japan, was signed up to the Ignition Card to compete in a match against a Man selected by Alex Shane, who selected "The Bastard" Dave Mastiff. Sabre got the win following a Sabre Driver.

    Grado vs Danny Hope vs El Ligero vs Dave Rayne

    A Fun little opener for the crowd ended after 10 minuted when Grado got the win, Pinning Dave Rayne. Fun moments were found within the match such as a Dance/Tassle Off which was ruined by Dave Rayne. Rayne announced that his 'Boom Championship' Will be defended at BCW shows whenever he wrestles.​
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