Games Be A GM: Welfare Edition

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Kooldip, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Actually, it's the "Kooldip Edition" but it's on paper. So welfare.

    This is also a game by definition, so I think should be allowed to put it in here.

    Anyway, I made this little game to play at work with a friend of mine. It looks like this...


    Of course, my writing is atrocious, so I'll write it below!

    RULES (My rules, you can do whatever you'd like)

    - This game is intended for 2-4 players
    - Must stay under cap (6,000,000)
    - Must draft at least 2 Divas
    - Must draft at least 15 wrestlers (18 max)
    - If a wrestler has a * next to their Fan Rating, then their rating will change to that if they are in a "smart" city.
    - Match Quality is determined at random. The winner is chosen at random and then based on their Match Quality rating, you determine (at random) how many stars the match was.
    - Cities are chosen at random
    - If Los Angeles or Boston are chosen, you must randomly select whether the crowd will be casual or "smart"
    - Each show gets their own PPV and the PPV's are chosen at random.
    - PPV's have a cap of 7 matches max, but you can book any number you want below that. (17 man battle royal ftw)
    - A wrestler can only be booked once
    - Gimmick matches and title matches can be combined
    - Add up all of the points at the end of your PPV and crown your winner!
    - The winner gets to choose what show they want and they get the first pick for the next game

    It's a pretty easy game to play and set-up. Try it out with some friends! (if you've got'em)

    Here's the list of the talent roster I use. You can make it how ever you'd like. (I forgot to take a picture of the drafted rosters and the PPV cards, my bad)

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  2. Er, I should explain how the matches work a little better.

    An example of a match...

    Los Angeles

    WWE Title Match
    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

    John Cena wins

    Randomly determine that L.A. is a casual city

    Based on Cena winning, you randomly select a number between 2-5 (his match quality rating) and get a 4.

    SO. 6 (Cena's FR) + 5 (Brocks FR) + 4 (MQ) + 1 (Title Match) = 16

    That match earns you 16 points.
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