Be honest: how many of you

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Do the Vince McMahon walk regularly?

    I do it all the time
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  2. I have never done it but I am tempted to do it now and here it is. I DID IT!

    So far, once in my life.

    Although I do "U CAN'T SEE ME!" all the time cause Cena da best! :smug:
  3. I do it in public with my brother all the time, he gets super embarrassed but I don't give a fuck. :haha:
  4. swag
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  5. I do it everytime I get my paycheck or when I walk home. :boss1:
  6. Done it once over my girlfriends house, the look she gave me means I'll never do it again.
  7. I do it once in a while.
  8. You just don't have the swag to pull it off. I do it at work all the time and people think it's hilarious.
  9. I do it when I walk into the bedroom.

  10. When I walk out of the bathroom.

    I have also decided that if I ever get a high ranking position at a workplace. I will walk like Vinnie mac down the hallways to show my subordinates who's boss.
  11. I do it jokingly because my Uncle owns the store I work at so I act like I am better than everyone else.

    The key is to puff up your cheeks and stick your chest out as far as you can. Also the more exaggerated the arm movement the better
  12. I prefer the Paul Heyman walk
  13. swagless :kiss:
  14. dickless :dawg:
  15. I can tell you it's bigger than a cat's dick.
  16. i wish i was bigger than a cat's dick :downer:
  17. Sometimes I do..

    To be totally honest, I tried to walk like Y2J since I got back problems, and it works, so it's my standard walk now. Awesome way to heal a little from it.
  18. Never in public. The walk kinda makes you look like you just had a dick in your ass for an hour or so.
  19. I don't think I ever have done in public actually, which is strange cause I do just about everything else that's wrestling related.
  20. Sounds like your Vince strut needs some serious practice my friend.
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