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  1. abort a baby if you somehow knew ahead of time (only after the moment of conception, of course) that it would be born mentally retarded?

    I remember a conversation a long time ago on another forum where I mentioned that I would, and it made a few people (one person in particular) pretty irate.

    I know it's a controversial question because some interpret it as meaning that the lives of mentally-retarded people are more disposable than others (although if you want to view the world through the lens of cold, unadulterated logic, they are), but to me any honest-loving parent would absolutely prefer a normal, healthy child as opposed to the alternative, whether they admit to it or not. However, some continue to insist that they would love their child no matter what and that it'd be cruel to abort a child just because you knew it was gonna be born with mental deficiencies.

    So would you?
  2. I would abort it. I wouldn't want him to live a life knowing he'd have a tough time growing up, it's not that I want to abort a retarded child, if I had one without knowing, I'd take care of him/her.

    But if I know they would have a tough time growing up in this world, I'd abort them.
  3. I'll just keep it short and sweet, I wouldn't have the heart to. Though it doesn't change my opinion on those who would do it, everyone has a reason and if that's whats best for them. who am i to step in the way of that?
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    EDIT: Wait wait, I think I answered the wrong question. No - I would not think it is callous and Yes - I would probably do it.
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  5. No, I've looked after a lot of people with various learning difficulties and despite whatever medical issue it is they have, they can have a pretty decent quality of life.
  6. Well, If I go by neurological faculties alone, which is what I use to define myself as a functioning human, disposing of the kid is pretty much as impactful as giving opportunity for any other healthy potential human to be born. Taking that into consideration, I'm all for doing whatever the fuck you want while the kid has no awareness, memory or feelings.
  7. I would never judge anyone wanting to get an abortion for any reason, and this seems like a damn good reason to me.

    I would certainly not want to have a retarded kid. I'll just stop there because my view on the mentally disabled would probably offend some (many) if I keep going :silva:
  8. Exactly. Fuck "pro lifers" putting the "needs" of an unborn fetus over the ACTUAL needs of a fucking living, breathing, functioning person.

  9. My brother has autism, and it saddens me to see that he'll struggle when he graduates school. So I'm not entirely sure about this :hmm:
  10. Honestly I would keep the baby even if he/she has a rough time growing up I've been there having a rough time growing up
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  12. I knew a boy at school who's older brother was mentally retarded and my friend had to bath his own brother . Plus other things, it is a full time job along with his parents, what kind of life is that for any of the concerned.

    In hindsight yes I would abort being honest, only if I knew in advance of course as I would love the kid no matter if I did not have that option.
  13. I'm not sure I would have the heart to make the decision to abort. I understand that their life may have challenges that many of us can't imagine, everything from being made fun of to actual health issues. I remember how hard it was for a few kids that were back when I was in school, I would not want my child to go through any of that. In the same regard, I am not sure I could abort, just not sure I could do it.
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