WrestleMania Be prepared for a huge wrestlemania let down!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. At least for some of the big matches. I am fully prepared for rock and cena to suck because it has been so over hyped. There is no possible way for them to come even close to what fans will expect or want... Short of Rock doing a "fatality!" on Cena!!

    I am fully expecting a good show, but not earth shattering. I hope i am wrong.

    I think the matches on the undercard will be the better ones, the ones with little fanfare.
    The 12 man tag will be a highlight full of high spots, with prolly Drew McIntyre getting the win over Truth. Whenever Funkasaurus comes out it will be huge.
    The diva tag is my snack break so put that In about halfway through will be fine.

    I am expecting a tonne out of Cody Rhodes!!! He better deliver.

    Bryan will retain. In a good wrestling match spoiled by AJ.
    Punk will lose to Jericho, as Mr Laurinitis will find a way as the newly crowned grand phoo bah of the WWE to make it happen.

    Taker will win..... Again.... Possibly setting up a triple threat with all three next year.

    Let's hope it lives up to at least half the hype
  2. I won't be let down. As soon as the undercard matches were announced I was expecting to be let down.
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    Rock/Cena will be good I think. Only because I can't see them just giving Cena the win cleanly, so something will happen. Rock won't win clean either.

    Not expecting anything but let down from the end of an era match. Jericho/Punk will be MOTN. Bryan/Sheamus will be a good match but Sheamus is winning, Bryan will blame AJ.

    Team Johnny will win which will set up a new story-line as a heel GM will be on both shows, that can only be good. Orton/Kane and Rhodes/Big Show is so poor. They really have fucked their whole undercard up completely. There is no mid card. It's all diabolical and they only have themselves to blame.
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