Be the booker: Do you want it?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Stopspot, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. So the big man, the boss, Boss Hog, the chairman known as Crayo and I have been discussing a be a booker section.

    In this section you would be able to book your own WWE/TNA/ROH/other wrestling show or one consisting of completely original characters. You would be able to set the stories going like you would want them. Your bookings can be as detailed as you want, your own creativity sets the boundaries.

    We could also in this section run competitions (most likely one a month) where we hand out a booking challenge for you to book (you get a scenario and some guidelines, sign up and then book it).

    Would this be something that you guys and gals would be interested in? We often complain about wrestling booking. Time to prove that we can do it better.
  2. Original character? just like federation thing. no.
  3. As I said. It is all up to each individual person what they want to use.
  4. I don't see the point of original characters but booking WWE/TNA/ROH is something I'd be up for doing!!
  5. Sounds good, but I already play games that do precisely that, and I'm pretty hooked up to those so I don't think I'd participate. No objections to the creation of it though.
  6. Just saw that the idea was rejected before, but I'd do it anyway. Count me in
  7. We tried it for a bit but no one participated, Fed-X overshadowed it.

    I love the idea of anyone writing their own stories. Users can just go in that section, rant about how bad one particular Sheamus storyline is and write a better version and have reviews. I honestly think such a section is long overdue here, all users complain about whatever company one way or another, why not share how you would fix it?
  8. This. It would be a nice alternative creative outlet on the side of Fed X.
  9. I don't know that I could be bothered to write up an entire show, especially on a constant basis, but I wouldn't mind creating a fantasy angle or two, or fine tuning an angle WWE is doing that I think is flawed.
  10. Yeah, I'd probably use it to vent my frustration at current booking and write my preferred booking. But it can be used for episodes of long shows if people want, I'll create a few thread prefixes for it.
  11. Kind of how I hope that ADR is entered in the rumble... Have him start early. Work about 20 tough minutes... Have ziggler come cash in mid rumble... Have the ring clear. ziggler will Beat and pin del rio. Then have ziggler enter the rumble 29th and win...

    I'd mark my tits off!!!!
  12. Yeah, sounds cool.
  13. I'll do it, just let me know how everything works and what not
  14. Sounds interesting, not sure yet if I'll participate yet though.
  15. I suggested this in the past and I'm still sticking by it. It's long overdue, we should have this section.
  16. I may participate in show creating. I've done several before in the past, and I certainly enjoy doing them. I'm even planning one with my friend (Master Of Destruction on here) but I'm honestly doubt that'll every get off the ground. Even if I do, I have a bad habit of losing interest in them relatively quickly. Luckily though, when I do have interest, I tend to produce shows in bulk and just post them on there days. One of my BTB's life was extended because I lost interest while doing it, but regained interest a month later while posting the shows I already had saved up.

    Depending on how much time I have and how long people's shows are, I can definitely see myself participating in the manner of giving out feedback regularly.
  17. Great idea, I'm in.
  18. Yehpp lets do it!
  19. i like the idea might give it a go
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