Be The Booker having its own section

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Star Lord, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. It may not be the most active section but I think we should make a BTB section instead of a sub forum because then people will see whats being posted there and want to post there so its not over shadowed by IWT and FNW, Crayo ?
  2. If it gets more popular then sure.
  3. But if we make it its own section it would become more popular because its difficult to find if your new to the site and arent in IWT or FNW
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  4. Doubt it. I've watched many webmasters say and do the same thing and fail. My policy has always been getting enough active content to warrant a section, and so far it has worked, as you can see with Sports & Gaming. Both of those didn't start out as original sections. Hell, they had no sections before we made those. People who want to partake in BTB won't be stopped because it's a sub-forum, in my honest opinion.
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  5. I just think you should give it a test, Make it its own section and if it doesnt become more active after a while make it a sub forum again.
  6. I didn't even know this still existed (being someone who doesn't venture into the IWT section really at all.) I don't see the point because if anyone wants to re-book a WWE or TNA show or some aspect of it, they'll just post about it in one of those sections. That's what I and others already do.
  7. Yup. Which was the downfall of BTB. Now people use it to operate their own E-Feds.
  8. I'll mod it for free. But seriously, FNW would be up before BTB, and IWT is less active. Free, mod.
  9. P-lease, you'd be worse than me. And that's saying something.
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