Be the Booker.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Saylor, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Since most of us are the ones to criticize WWE in any way possible, let's see how you do. Make this as a sub-forum and let's see what you're capable of doing. I want to read what most of you would you differently, add on and change entirely.
  2. By "you" I guess you mean the whole community right?
  3. I like this idea.
  4. This seems like a fun idea.
  5. Already been done, lasted a week.
  6. You being the community, correct.
  7. Original be the booker by Sheldor was just that, Sheldor's work with Fed-X. This would be anyone contributing storylines and ideas etc.
  8. Is this going to happen?
  9. What we could do is have one booker for every real show like Monday Night Raw, Main Event, NXT (possibly) and Friday Night Smackdown. I guess you could just post the results and not the matches.

    To sort out who is doing what and when, just have a waiting list you need to sign up to (gives you time to prepare then as well) and then a schedule.
  10. These sort of things tend to just be made in threads, they get more attention that way anyway tbh.

    I did once make a thread to see if we could collectively book a Raw show better than WWE, that quickly turned into Cena being fired into TNA -_-
  11. Going to reject this for the time being. I want to have something like this in the future but I'm not sure we'll get enough content to fill a section. For now just post them in the respective brand sections.
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