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  1. :haha:

    In all seriousness...
    The government is using fear to push and pass bills to outlaw the second amendment all together. I may not like guns and I may not plan on owning one, but it is MY RIGHT to choose. Unfortunately, things like this will continue to happen so more and more people think its a good idea to outlaw them. ITS BS!

    No person in their right mind can sit here and watch this video and be like "This is not fishy at all!". In my humbled opinion... None of the children were killed, it was staged. The parents were payed off.

    Watch the video before you call me crazy... :pity:
  2. 30 minutes long. No thanks.
    Although get on Xbox soon.
  3. I was on Xbox and you were not.. :pity:
  4. You're playing BO2. Didn't want to disturb you. :okay:
  5. I was doing awful... :upset: :sad:

    I finally have what I need one my gun though. :boss1:
    I have been trying to level a 3 round burst gun.
  6. What gun do you use?
    I use ACR. :true:
  7. 30 whole minutes?!

    The vid is dope, also check out James Holmes Conspiracy, it all is really well put together, was saying :lol1: at friends on facebook getting into this, it's crazy how many people are giving the theories a chance.
  8. Uhhh... SWAT 556. I been trying to unlock select fire for it.
    I finally have it. :boss1:
  9. Might check it out later.
    Going to rewatch Suits for a bit. lol
  10. You ready for Xbox? :tough:
  11. Not in the mood for Uno right now. lol
    GET BLACK OPS 2! :angry:
  12. Who said anything about Uno? :shock:

    WWE '13
    Happy Wars

  13. :pity:
  14. When will you be in the mood? :ksi:
  15. Add me whores. DRAidsjonhnsn.
  16. I think regardless of whether guns are banned or if there are even stricter laws, tragedies will still happen. Criminals will continue to find a way to get their hands on weapons and commit crimes upon innocent people. Stricter background checks might be one thing we can do but that won't eliminate tragedies or will taking away one's right to have one in the first place.
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  17. Really well put.

    Oh, you think criminals cant find guns? How is the war on drugs going?
  18. Decided against editing. If you think kids are going to fight vs a man with a knife, i think you are sadly mistaken.

    Criminals will always find ways to hurt others, especially the weak and innocent. The best option is to bear arms, and INb4UKhaslittle/nomurderswithgunviolence, look at the other #s, and also realize US =/= UK (i can barely understand Crayo/xanth, let alone compare our daily lives) and the fact that a diverse society like ours needs a different perspective on things. If the principal/teachers were gun right enforcers who had concealed carry permits, we would be a lot better off.

    Not too huge on guns personally, but taking rights away from people to save themselves from a criminal like the MULTIPLE criminals who perpetrated this event is ridiculous.
  19. The problem is... If they outlaw guns... That leaves only the people who have them, the ones who have them illegally. Which means crime will sky rocket.
    The poor ghetto areas will be robbing the richer areas, and honestly at which point, no one will be safe. Specially if they ban cops from having guns.
  20. They're not going to ban cops from having guns. If anything they'll get more power. Lol
    I thought the point of ''them'' (the man) trying to get rid of guns is so that we have no protection against the government? I thought this was the argument given by "conspiracy theorists"?
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