News Beard brothers unite backstage

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. So Josh Reddick is backstage at RAW. There has also been talks about doing something with him and Bryan.
  2. Reddick >> DB
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  3. Down year for reddick. Cool to see them hang after that twitter bet
  4. just a good deal for the team seeing as they will get him cheaper and we are poor
  5. lol that's true.
  6. Hehehe red-dick
  7. Reporting for adam
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  8. Sounds Native American
  9. Danny would know. Danny?
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  10. I remember reading about that bet awhile ago.
  11. :senhor: > DB > RedDICK
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  12. what does Senhor's wife have to do with any of this? And Reddick is going to get a fat contract soon and make more de niro in one year than D Bry will make in his entire life

    bout dat paper

    come at him

  13. That beard looks dirty. Bryan >
  14. Meanwhile Bryan's beard looks classy. That's the whole point of the beard is too look homeless (I thought?)
  15. to*

    Can't even grammar, let alone review beards.
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  16. oh and my dog almost bit off my finger over the weekend so f your sig
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  17. They have almost identical hair color, found that neat. Also, I could have sworn that Reddick got a trim job during the season. I could be wrong.
  18. He probably did but he is such a beast he still had the more manly beard by the time this interaction took place.
  19. lol maybe. Too bad that beard didn't translate to a productive year.
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