Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Sup

    Just a quick question,,

    Does anyone have expirience with doin a chin curtain as a beard?
    Not the Abe Lincoln one, but a trimmed small one.

  2. dont do it unless you plan to braid it. It will look like you have pubes glued to your chin.

  3. Be a man grow this or go bust.....
  4. Don't ask @[Xanth] , he's still on the bum fluff stage. :sky:{Kid has no facial hair}
  5. Be like Daniel Bryan a beard is awesome!
  6. I have a beard, something like James Storm. I have a long hair too. I look like a druggie, true story.
  7. I shave.
    Bitches love clean shave!
    I kid...
  8. Jose Tortilla is a Grizzly Adams wannabe.... Calling it.
  9. Naa not Grizzly Adams, and loll @ seabs.

    More like the small line like Matt Hardy has, but then just growed out to the neck..

  10. I shave or sometimes have a stubble, depends on what the girl I'm with likes.

  11. Yeah? British gals diggin the fur?
  12. Beards are cool.
  13. i just shaved.. bitches were touching my face all day probably because there was hair on the side of my face haha

    op fucking beards
  14. Furz fo da gurlz..
  15. What girl Crayo? I thought Xanth was your girl? Bicth!
  16. When I grow up I'm having Daniel Bryan's beard.

    Badass Beards= WHC!!!!!!!
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