Beast theme is beast: Jack Swagger

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Who else was shocked and pleasantly surprised at Swagger's new theme song? I think it is a major improvement.
  2. Beast theme is beast

    A million times better. I was shocked when he came back and still had the same theme tbh, was long overdue.
  3. Beast theme is beast

    Sounds epic, absolutely epic. Loved it.
  4. Beast theme is beast

    Dats my dawg Swagger!
  5. Beast theme is beast

    It's pretty sweet, reminds me of an imperial march
  6. Beast theme is beast

    Also obviously racism is the source of his power.
  7. Beast theme is beast

    Good theme for him right now. Quite a shocker.
  8. Beast theme is beast

    Yeah i really like this it fits with his current gimmick and helps me take him more seriously.Swagger has been impressing me since his comeback. He is so much more interesting now.
  9. Beast theme is beast

    I'm really starting to like Swagger , since his return he has been very impressive, and that's a great new theme btw.
  10. What do you think of Swagger's new theme?

    I love it.
  11. RE: What do you think of Swagger's new theme?

    Goes great with the drug thing.:neymar2:
  12. This.
  13. Really easy, as you said, this is much better. As Leo C wrote, it's more epic and now Swagger wants to be that
  14. It's a shame that we'll be hearing a lot less of this theme due to his recent encounter with the law.
  15. It makes me expect to see him coming out in a white hoody, the vibe fit the gimmick so well.
  16. Weed the people :haha:
  17. It's a great theme. Type of theme you imagine coming on when you win main event at wrestlemania. Could have gone to a better superstar.
  18. I just cant get over his lisp, honestly. I love swaggy and his whole gimmick, i just cant get over the lisp on mic. Pathetic, i know, but true.
  19. The theme isn't bad, we need more themes that suit wrestlers' gimmicks.
  20. Agreed, the only ones who mostly get it are the Ryders and Robbie E's of the wrestling community.

    Cena still has the rapper shit. Rocky has his theme from 02. Jericho is god.

    I take it back, y2j, kane, db, and a few others have's the midcard i disgree so much on. If you want miz to change to face, get rid of that shit theme. Cm punk probably has the best theme music ever. I dont know what to think about Orton.

    Big show needs to disappear, ADR needs something that isnt so fucked up after he beats Swag, and Ziggler makes his shit work.
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