Beat Crayo at Fifa and win practically anything.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Make a bet with me, play me at Fifa, beat me, and claim your winnings.

    I of course have to accept the bet, but I'm confident so I'll take risky bets.


    1) Draws are nothing, no one wins, rematch immediately.
    2) No Chairmen or Staff spots open for bets -.-

    Probably will add more rules once the inevitable silly bets arrive :pity:

    GO. PM me for my GT.

    Log starting from today:

    Played Zach: 12-0
    Played R'Albin: 2-0
    Played R'Albin: 3-0
    Played R'Albin: 2-0
    Played R'Albin: 2-1
    Played R'Albin: 0-1
    Played Xanth: 2-0
    Played Xanth: 3-0
    Played Xanth: 2-1
    Played Xanth when I was Plymouth Argyle and he was Brazil: 2-0
    Played Xanth when I was Sognal (Norway 1 star team) and he was Real Madrid: 1-0 until he rage quit.
  2. If only you had a decent console...
  3. Yeah I should state that Xbox 360 only, PS3 players are all terrible anyway because you know, it's a shit console.
  4. I would own you if I had an XBOX/vice versa.

    Debating getting a 720 instead of PS4, so I'll beat you on FIFA 15 :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  5. Waiting for Ryan and Xanth to come in here with the :haha: face at the thought of you owning me. You can't even make ultimate team coins :pity:.

    Anyway :gtfo: ps3 noob.
  6. Just because they can't beat you, doesn't mean I can't. You've never played me hence you have no idea of my skill.

    Yes I can :shock:

    :gtfo: xshocks noob.
  7. What's your online record atm? I want proof.
  8. I won't bother betting, don't want to embarrass you :haha:
  9. :isee:

    Just play me now then :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. I could beat you.. if I was any good.
  11. I have homework - genuinely lol - I'll send you my essay once it is finished and you'll see why it's taking so long. :true:
  12. Meh, I believe you. :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. :sad:
  14. Looks like I'll be playing strangers again. I always get abusive messages :((
  16. For beating Crayo you get the Fifa award. The most prestigious non-wrestling award on the site.

  17. Fail :/

    Crayo down nanna's atm, will post later.
  18. :finger:
  19. I won the right to become a mod once, though Crayo bet welched on me lol

    (by 'won' I mean I only lost 2-0. Expert negotiating by me)
  20. Was just bout' to put in the status comments to Xanth that you were the closest. Your style was SO hard to adjust to, you vs Xanth or you vs R'Albin would be fascinating.

    Get Fifa again :emoji_slight_frown:
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