Because of my internet situation, I need to be caught up.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. I haven't seen the last 3 episodes of RAW, and have had to rely on Skype chat to get the basics of what has happened. I understand recent RAW episodes have gone in favour of my homie Daniel Bryan, so I ask you a few questions:

    What has changed with the Bryan situation in the last 3 episodes exactly? Please no TLDR's, just a nice detailed summary.

    What are the Wyatt's and Shield doing at the moment?

    What are Bootista, Randy Jobton, and Cenanuff doing?

    Any other cool updates I have missed?
  2. Bryan occupied RAW, bringing fans into the ring, getting a mania match with Hunter. Winner gets put in the title match, Hunter handcuffed Bryan and beat him up prison style.

    Wyatts: taunting Cena.
    Shield: Back on track after Rollins walked out on them in a match to prove that no one member is better than the rest, seemingly in a feud with Kane now since they don't feel like they need to do his dirty work.

    Cena: Wyatt family
    Batista: Walking around in hipster clothes, also mocking Punk for leaving (walked around in a Gracie MMA hoodie last night and said he was going home as a jab at Punk)
    Orton: Pissed that the authority seemingly turned on him and made his match a triple threat. Same goes for Batista.

    Mr T in the hall of fame. Main event is live now every week on the network, taker is showing up there tonight. AJ is getting jobbed out left and right. 30 man battle royal to honor André the giant at mania. Usos are tag champs.
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  3. Let's see.
    - Bryan challenged HHH to fight him since he HHH wouldn't let him have a title shot and HHH spent a couple of weeks laughing it off and denying him. Finally, Bryan had a confrontation with Orton and Batista and HHH intervened to attack Bryan
    - Bryan "hijacked" Raw and a bunch of people in Bryan t-shirts came in (I mean, like 60 or 70 (maybe more) and got in the ring and around ringside "halting" the show, so HHH/Steph came out and HHH gave accepted his challenge at Mania. Then Bryan demanded to be inserted in the WWEWHC match at Mania if he could beat HHH. An enraged HHH accepted.
    - HHH told Bryan he wanted to see him face-to-face in the ring "just to talk". After DBD and HHH had a chat in the ring, Steph came out with eight "cops" to arrest our boy and, after they handcuffed Bryan, HHH called them off before proceeding to beat Bryan down severely, "knocking him out" and causing him to be taken away in an ambulance after Raw (3/17) went off the air, leaving Bryan's Mania matches....and his entire career, if not his jeopardy.
    - Oh, and now HHH has created the stip that whoever wins the HHH/DBD match will be inserted into the WWEWHC match and make it a triple threat, so we'll either get Batista/Orton/HHH or Batista/Orton/DBD

    The Shield are currently on the same page and beat the crap out of Kane on Raw 3/17. The Wyatts are going after Cena's legacy.

    Cena's talking about his legacy. Dave and Randall are on-again, off-again buddies. Will they team up to take down the third man in the triple threat or will their hatred for one another keep them apart?

    AJ Lee and Tamina have apparently broken up.
    Fandango's still dancing.
    There's a 30-man over-the-top battle royal for a big trophy of Andre the Giant at Mania.
    The Usos are your tag team champions.
    And CM Punk/Phil Brooks likes to talk about zombies.

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  4. Good catch. I forgot to mention the hipster clothes and the skinny jeans.

  5. All the jabs at Punk have been subtle. Like last night when Hunter told Bryan "anyone else would have taken their ball and walked home". Or Steph's "we own you" lines from last week.
  6. They were the opposite of subtle, I'd say.
  7. Nah, the opposite of subtle is someone saying "fuck Punk, he left" or slandering his name openly. Small jabs like these are subtle.
  8. well yeah
  9. I feel completely caught up. Good job.

    Really need to see those Bryan segments and the Kane beat down. Quite angered The Shield are continuing but I guess it's desperate measures. I bet I've missed many Wyatt promos :((.
  10. They had Wyatt have a mashup with Eminem yesterday. It sounded great.
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  11. It's continuing as a face group though, which I'm a lot more interested in tbh. As long as they remain in big feuds I have no issue with them staying together a little longer, with Reigns and Ambrose facing off in the summer.
  12. Seems more like they are setting up Rollins vs Ambrose down the road ( at least right now) to allow Reigns to go into the big leagues.
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  13. This. The way they're working them right now does seem to be a build toward a midcard feud between Rollins and Ambrose while Reigns will probably get a bigger upper mid/main event level feud as the faction crumbles.

  14. I'd have no problem with them going with that. Both guys could benefit from that feud big time and, although I'm a mark for both, I think it would be better for them if they slowly make their way up the card. They're young guys, and they could do with getting a long lasting overness (I could not think of a proper way of wording that) similar to how Punk and Bryan have. The trouble with Reigns's push is he'll be over for the first few months, but as with anyone who gets a push straight to the top the crowd will likely turn on him - especially as he isn't as talented as the other two in ring or on the mic (IMO).
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  15. I worry about this for Reigns. Hopefully, he'll be able to learn on the run like Rocky did. I know he's part of the Anoa'i family, but is he close to the other guys who've hit it big? If so, they'll be a tremendous support system for him.

  16. Kane became the new CM punk, Daniel Bryan made a movement of asian internet geeks who copy/paste the ring with virtual people, twitter has been flooded with #Stephaniestrapson movements, and the NAO showed WWE will kayfabe you up the ass like no one's business still in 2014.

  17. Alright, @Aids Johnson, I'm going to have to ask you to stop using my copyrighted sign-off.

    Otherwise, I'll have to call my attorney and his shovel. :bury:

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  18. My assistant wanted me to let you know you called? I was out of the building - sorry. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  19. Now listen here. You don't wish me luck in my future endeavors. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Got it? :jericho:

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  20. So do it [​IMG]
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