because we can never have too many Carlin threads

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  1. Most fans of George have probably seen most of these bits, but its a great compilation nonetheless for new fans and old.

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  2. George is my type of guy.

    EDIT: Damn 1 hour.
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  3. :woo:
  4. lmfao who ever coined the phrase 'let the buyer beware' was probably bleeding from the asshole
  5. George was incredible, I'm a huge, HUGE mark of his.
  6. He's the undisputed GOAT for a reason. I like his philosophy on comedy writing in that he essentially later in his career was just writing essays and performing them on stage. What a gift
  7. Haha my two best buddies met him when we were 13. They went up to the cities (one loved him for forever, the other was the dude we joke about being Michael Scott) and he signed his pics for him and told them a really fucked up funny story. I'll have to ask my buddy what he said, i'm sure i've never heard it in his stand up stuff. It was something about paying attention in school to the bullshit, and never being afraid to call it out.
  8. He really is the best.
  9. Carlin is phenomenal. Posting here primarily to remind myself to watch this when I got an hour to kill.
  10. This
  11. He is hands down the best stand up comedian. I remember watching one of his things on HBO when I was like 16 or 17 and it was like 2 in the morning and I was laughing hysterically. My mom woke up and got pissed at me. He is the only comedian to ever make me laugh out loud while watching a show alone.
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