Rumor Becky Lynch Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. Confirmed: Becky Lynch Suffers Undisclosed Injury

    As previously reported, Becky Lynch’s match against Alexa Bliss for SmackDownWomen’s Championship at Sunday’s WWE No Mercy event has been pulled.

    We can now confirm that she has suffered an undisclosed injury. As of this writing, it’s not exactly sure when the injury occurred, what it is and how long she will exactly be out of action. Lynch last wrestled on this past Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, where she teamed withNikki Bella in a losing effort to Alexa Bliss and Carmella.

    WWE has yet to announce the injury and if there will be a replacement.
  2. Well this seems... Odd? If it isn't a work, that sucks. When WWE confirms it, I'll believe it. Everyone is still saying it is a rumor though.
  3. I have to say...this is a major disappointment for me...
    The Lynch/Bliss match was the going to be the highlight
    of the card for me personally...

    I did some digging and reports say she could be out
    for up to a month.

    This is a real shame for Becky...who is (in my opinion)
    starting to fall behind her fellow horsewomen Sasha
    & Charlotte...and now with this injury, may-be even


    The fact is without the brand split Becky would not have
    become a champion...and now suffering an injury when
    she finally has a chance to be the Alpha Female of
    SmackDown only brings her overall status in the
    entire WWE Women's division into question.

    And on a sidebar for a second...Bayley should be
    on SmackDown...not RAW.

    Well...if Becky is out for a month...they should vacate the
    title and add Alexa Bliss to the Nikki Bella vs. Carmella
    No Mercy match and turn it into a triple threat match for
    the title.

    And if I had to guess...Nikki Bella would get the Gold.
  4. That fucking sucks, if it is true.
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  5. Ah bollocks I am really looking forward to that match, really hope we don't have it like the Finn Balor situation all over again. New title created, right person wins it and has to vacant in under a month that would suck if that happens.
  6. They shold go ahead and throws the belt on Naomi for awhile. She deserves it
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    I agree with you bro she does deserve it (Not Now) she needs to step her mic skills up..... but I feel the tilte should be on Alexa Bliss right now
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    Makes me wonder I have enjoyed the womens wrestling a lot this year. They are quite acrobatic and high flying compared to most of the men. This might come at a price though.

    Combined with the relative small numbers of them though + workload they seem to be injury prone. They are up every week+ monthly PPV.
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  9. WWE Wrestling News, Rumors, Results & Spoilers | The Latest On Becky Lynch's Status For WWE No Mercy Tonight turns out the injury is not as bad
    as first feared and she won't miss any
    serious time.

    Becky will still be at the pay per view...
    but much like Orton at Backlash...she
    hasn't been cleared to wrestle.

    I'd have no problem with that...

    Yes...I agree...well said...

    100% on the money...and I personally posted something along these lines
    recently about Sasha Banks...who in my opinion is too thin and frail...and
    I still stand by that statement.

    There would be no easy way to fix the high injury rates among the Women's division...
    but I guess it all comes down to conditioning and experience...but in saying that...
    Hell...even Natalya recently had her two front teeth knocked out at a house show.

    May-be they should just hire more women and move them all to one brand?
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  10. Like I said, I wont be surprised if the match happens but not in the way we think it will.
  11. Its not a gender thiing but more that wrestling will have an impact on your body and they work a lot. For example in the 80's Hogan often just wrestled on the main events, there were a lot of squash matches (low impact) etc.

    Even in the AE era SCSA, Folet, Rock etc were often not wrestling every week and they were not high flyers. Shawn Michaels was and he paid for it with his body. So did the 90's Mexican wrestlers with their high risk acrobatics.
  12. Most of the 90s luchadores are wrestling today, and putting on great matches.
  13. They have also been injured, killed people in the ring and been on drugs.
  14. Injuries and drugs are a wrestling norm with no exclusivity to age or country. Very rarely have wrestlers murdered/killed people. So that's not really a point.
  15. Its high risk though Rey Mysterio 619 killed a wrestler in ring.
  16. What are you thinking Snake? Does it involve Alexa Bliss being crowned Champion?

    So...the women need to wrestle less...and wrestle more safe?
  17. If it is a injury where she needs time off, yes but otherwise I see interference happening and she retains.
  18. Yay!!!

    Boo!!! Boos Forever!!! Roman Reigns winning the 2015 Royal Rumble level Boos!!!
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  19. I like Becky more but Bliss is a better wrestler with more potential.
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