Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans...& vs. Charlotte Flair...Again.

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So...I don't think one woman should be holding both main roster titles
& if I had to guess the "Winner takes all" stipulation was added to the
main event at Wrestlemania to make it seem more EPIC! & important.

Basically it was a one night gimmick & now with the "Wild Card rule"
or whatever its called in place...anyone can appear on either show...
so Becky having both belts for the sake of being allowed on both
shows is pointless.

I am under the impression that Becky is actually a RAW branded star
now (correct me if I'm wrong) & at this MitB she faces multiple threats...
some known & some possibly unknown.

Not only does she have to wrestle against both Lacey Evans (why?)
& my Bae Charlotte (Again? Why?) in two separate matches...which
could run back to back for the sake of dramatic booking...but depending
on the placement of the women's MitB ladder match on the night...
the Irish Lasskicker (I'm not using her cringe inducing nickname...
& I never will) could also face the threat of a cash in as well.

While I haven't watched a single minute of the WWE's main roster
since the Survivor Series 2018 kick off show (& a clip of the botched
pin in the Wrestlemania 35 main event) I have to admit I'm curious
about how the event will play out for the women's division as a whole.

Like I said I personally believe there needs to be a women's champion
on both brands & by keeping both belts on makes her look
good...but I believe it damages the division as a whole.

Frankly I believe Charlotte (or Bayley/Ember with a cash in) need to
take the SDL title from Becky so it can be on the blue brand full time
while Becky can spend the next year on RAW wrestling...

*Checks Roster*

Wow...has anyone else noticed that RAW has A LOT of "Divas" on it?

I mean besides Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Nikki Cross (they should
be a faction!) most are pretty ordinary in the ring. I mean Natalya &
Naomi go alright...but I don't see either of them as a viable opponent
for Becky.

Also Ronda, Nia & Sasha are all out for various RAW is
looking a little thin numbers wise at the moment.



Will Becky continue to be "Becky 2 Belts"?
Will the WWE put a title back on Charlotte...AGAIN?
Will the MitB winner strike if the opportunity presents itself?
Will the WWE take Becky down a peg or two due to the ratings slump?
Will Lacey Evans receive an "Alexa Bliss style" push straight out of the gate?

Honestly...its kind of scary that Becky is facing two tall, blonde Amazons in one night.

We all know how much the WWE loves their tall, blonde American ladies.

*Looks Around*

Yeah I'm guilty of that to...but I'm not booking the WWE am I!

What do you think will happen at MitB & should I actually watch the show for myself

Sound off below with your thoughts & opinions below..,
and I'll see you all around the traps.
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The Game
They censored becky because she hurt the other girls feelings.

She is being booked completely different now to say October when she was massively over.

The booking is screwing her.

I think it isn't a forgone conclusion that she drops the titles at mitb. I think she can hold both belts for a bit longer.

But this would be a good time for Becky to drop the belt to Charlotte. It makes sense considering she is also wrestling Evans (who doesn't deserve shit BTW).

But 8 ask you this question...

What's the point in booking Becky to be the first to pin ronda and become double champion...

Only for her to just drop one of the belts and lose to Charlotte...
Again? Pretty counter productive booking.

If they wanna take the smackdown belt of Becky at mitb then that is fair enough. She should get absolutely screwed out of it though.

I don't think any briefcase business will happen at the show. I mean they could have someone steal Charlotte her victory. It can play out like this...

Becky defeats Evans in a very competitive match. Evans beats up becky after the match because she isn't a lady.

Becky injures her leg again. That's right, continuity... It exists.

Charlotte dominates Becky in the match only for Bayley to cash in and steal the victory.

Charlotte treats Bayley like shit and thinks she just a little girl. Would be some good storytelling if Bayley steals the win from Charlotte.

I wouldn't book this though. So much more storyline potential if Bayley holds the briefcase for longer. Gotta tell the story of Bayley inner morality being tested. Will she pussy out and screw up like previously or she going to stand up and exceed? Is she going to the honorable Bayley rhi g to do and cash in beforehand or take the easy option. A moral dilemma.

Grievous II

The Cybernetic Cringe
she is also wrestling Evans (who doesn't deserve shit BTW).
Hey better Evans than Bliss...

What's the point in booking Becky to be the first to pin ronda and become double champion...

Only for her to just drop one of the belts and lose to Charlotte...
Again? Pretty counter productive booking.
Well first of all...Becky didn't actually pin Ronda...a fact that
I'm sure will be used if Ronda does ever return for a second
run in the WWE.

The "Winner Takes All, Double Champion" stipulation was
simply a one night/one match gimmick for Wrestlemania?

I don't know...

And the WWE has had an epidemic with "counter productive"
booking for years.

I swear they just roll a dice backstage when deciding results.

Remember when Finn Balor defeated A.J Styles in a fantastic
match at TLC...only to be squashed by Kane the next night?

Remember when Seth Rollins was red hot & the Intercontinental
title was actually important...only for Dolph Ziggler to win it...
the same guy who had given up the United States title a few
months earlier?

Remember when Baron Corbin had the MitB briefcase &
actually seemed poised to become a truely hateable top card
heel despite his limited ring skills...only to fail his cash in &
be jobbed out to Cena at SummerSlam?

The WWE is 75% "counter productive" booking...hence
why the ratings are in the toilet at the moment.

Also...on a side note does anyone else find this poster kind of weird?

I mean I get Becky 2 Belts looking all smug & sexy with no pants on...
but the Money in the Bank briefcase is just sitting she owns
that as well...and with Becky being involved in two title matches on the
night for two separate titles...its most likely someone could be coming
for Becky with that very briefcase.

It just looks shouldn't Becky want to be as far away from
that briefcase as possible? I mean as soon as someone wins it she
is going to have two targets on her back...and with the wild card rule...
well...the winner could cash in on either show for either belt.

In fact you have to believe that the SDL ladies will be hunting Becky
to get that title back on their brand.

In fact Becky is now in more danger than any other champion in
MitB history when you really think about it.

Just saying...

The placement of that briefcase seems really weird to me.
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The Lunatic Fringe
So Glad The Human Cart Wheel as they call her Charlotte Won
Then Lost it Strait Away to Becky as She Cashed in Her Money in the Bank Win lol 🤣

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