Survivor Series Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey...Lass Kicker vs. Arm Breaker...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. The Lass of Cinder...

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  2. The Rowdy One...

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  3. Faulty Finish...(DQ/Count Out)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah...

    This is going to be "fetch me my choking belt & mango scented hand lotion!"

    So as we approach Survivor Series 2018...the WWE women's division is looking pretty
    good...and that is mainly because of isn't two Champions.

    On RAW we have Ronda Rousey who has (for most part) looked like a complete natural
    in a WWE ring & has honestly exceeded my own personal expectations. Ronda is clearly
    passionate about working for the WWE & thankfully is NOT the "female Brock Lesnar"
    as some predicted she would be.

    She also appears to be improving & getting more comfortable as a WWE performer with
    each passing week & is a shockingly good seller despite being physically able to rip most
    of the ladies in the WWE to pieces.

    On SmackDown Live...we have a recently rejuvenated & reborn Becky Lynch who finally
    stopped accepting the bullshit she'd been handed for the last year & finally, FINALLY took
    the title & spotlight away from Charlotte Flair.

    ('re my Bae...but its Becky's turn to shine...)

    Everything about Becky since SummerSlam has been near perfect & while she is meant
    to be playing the role of a heel...the fans are behind her more than ever now that she's
    finally back on top & backing up her snarky words with clean wins in the ring.


    Both of these women are coming off the biggest matches of their careers so far and now
    they will meet each other in one on one combat...


    look...I'm not an idiot. I know many around here will simply state that Ronda is going over
    & they won't dare have Becky be the first woman to pin/submit her...but...well...the WWE
    has shocked us all before...and while I know deep down Becky isn't can
    always hope.

    Not only am I curious about the match itself (Becky, along with Charlotte & Natalya were
    the three women who worked the most closely with Ronda behind the scenes to prepare
    her for the WWE) but I am also VERY curious about the crowd reaction & just who will will
    be heel & face in the eyes of the crowd in attendance.

    We all know the WWE is pushing Ronda as the top babyface in the entire division...but if
    there is one thing you can count on its the live WWE audience pissing all over whatever
    narrative the WWE is so desperate to push.

    Becky Lynch beating Ronda Rousey would take division to the next level

    Like I said earlier in this thread...I think 99% of fans know Ronda is going over...but stranger
    things have happened...and I recently found an "interesting" article (Its The Sun) stressing the
    point that a victory for Becky in this match will benefit the entire division & finally cement Lynch
    in the top-tier of the women's division...which lets be honest only features 3 women...Charlotte,
    Ronda herself & shamefully Alexa Bliss...who I don't personally count...because Little Polly
    Pocket couldn't wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag.

    But hey...she has mic I guess that's okay right? isn't.

    So...after listening to me ramble on for about four hundred words or so...I now throw this
    thread open to all of you my fellow forum members.

    What do you think will unfold at Survivor Series?

    Will Ronda be going over no questions asked?

    Will Becky at least be protected in defeat?
    (I mean she has to at least has last longer than 14 minutes right?)

    Will Becky score a HUGE upset & the biggest ever win of her career?

    Will the match be as awesome as it looks on paper?

    Will The Bella Twins or Nia Jax get involved in the match?

    Will some other "Horsewomen" make an appearance during or after match?

    Let me know what you think below, vote in the pole & as always...I'll see you all around the


    Out of all the photos you could have posted this one WWE?

    Seriously...get your shit together.
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  2. Becky is on top of her game; can't wait for this mega fight; good stuff.
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  3. Like Beards said... can't wait for this mega fight; good stuff. So over seeing Becky being made to fight Charlotte Hope in TLC the next PPV they Don't make Becky have another match with the Cartwheel Again :becky:
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  4. Ronda will win.
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  5. Where is the option for Shane to win?
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  6. Who would of thought at the start of the year, Ronda vs Becky would be regarded as dream match and would be so hyped up. Becky lost the battle royal at Mania ffs lol
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  7. Rhonda will win, but I think it’ll actually be a fight this time. It’ll be the first time Rhonda is pushed to her limits, which is good.

    I think Becky is already the best heel we’ve seen in the women’s division. Hands down. That promo she cut on SDL was dope.
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  8. Becky has the best character we've seen in the woman's division.
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  9. Becky is better but we all know Ronda will win cause who she is...
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  10. Even if he was in the match he'd only end up with two snapped arms.

    + Booking Ideas +

    1). The Build Begins For Wrestlemania 35: about we start turning Charlotte heel (because let's be honest...
    she only works as a heel) by having her not only not show up for the 5 on 5
    women's match...but also have her interfere in the Becky/Ronda match...but
    instead of costing Becky the match...she distracts Ronda & allows Becky to
    "steal" the win.

    Then Charlotte goes on to win the Royal Rumble (by cheating of course) and
    challenges Ronda to a match at Wrestlemania 35 for the RAW women's title
    leaving Becky to feud with Asuka (who was the sole survivor from the 5 on 5
    match) going into Wrestlemania.

    I mean this would be some long term storytelling...but frankly the WWE don't
    do enough of that.

    Plus it would mean that we would be getting Ronda vs. Charlotte & Becky vs.
    Asuka...two matches of extremely high quality for a Wrestlemania.

    2). The Bellas Get Revenge:
    So...basically the same as the first idea...only that Nikki & Brie run interference
    and cost Ronda the match. I mean its not like the Bellas are regular roster members
    anymore & they basically come & go as they having them show up and
    piss off again doesn't do anyone any harm.

    3). The TLC Build Begins:
    So another idea I had to keep both Becky & Ronda protected is to simply have
    Nia Jax & Tamina interfere & kick the shit out of both of them, beginning the build
    towards another Ronda/Nia match...which I personally don't really care about.

    Again...I'm just throwing ideas at the wall...

    Mainly because I don't want Becky to be defeated it will (IMO) start
    to dismantle the momentum she has built up for herself.
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  11. Busted open Becky Lynch leads SmackDown’s takeover of Ronda Rousey & Raw

    Man...Becky being defeated at Survivor Series
    is going to be a HUGE momentum killer...or at
    least it will be in my book.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this...but...if you
    ever wanted to book a faulty/fucked finish to
    protect two competitors WWE...this is the one
    match I'd be happy to see you book it for.

    I don't care how you do it...

    The Bellas, Nia Jax, Charlotte...just send someone
    out there after 15+ minutes to ruin the finish and
    protect both Champions. could just put Becky over clean?

    That is an option right?
  12. After last night it has to be a dq, count out finish. I mean WWE cannot kill Becky's momentum and AJ Styles has to win. I know Brock's a big name but at least AJ Styles has a better attendance record. And TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA. This is TNA the new face of Professional Wrestling
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  13. I agree...

    I agree...but this is the wrong thread to discuss that.

    Keep it Becky vs. Ronda Broski.
  14. Is it because you don't want none? You have to get ready to fly because i am i am. Anyway I got up out of my chair and yelled when I saw a bloody Becky basically captain her team into attack. I have to laugh how wrong I was about Becky when I saw a cute pale redhead dressed in green dancing like a Irish stereotype. I never thought she would get to this level, I knew she was talented but still
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  15. Okay...

  16. You know...I can't even be bothered starting
    a new "Charlotte vs. Ronda" thread...

    I can't believe how disappointed I am even
    with a Charlotte/Ronda match this Sunday...
    which I won't get to see till Wednesday.

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    I'm happy now we have to wait for Becky vs Ronda at WRESTLEMANIA! Oh oh oh oh Wrestlemania!

    Seriously I hope Becky gets better and regains her fire :pun: she's a fighter I know she'll be ok. But I'm happy that someone like her might have a chance to main event Wrestlemania with Ronda Rousey. Becky the People's Champ vs Ronda The Corporate Champ