Been on a health roller coaster as of late

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, May 12, 2014.

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  1. I'll just start off by saying that this past week or so has been absolute hell for me. Since last Sunday, I've been in all this pain, which it started on my left side around my rib area...and now the pain has shifted to my right side rib area! And it just shifts back and forth which is just very annoying. I figure it would go away after a day and a half or two, but no, it doesn't. This past Thursday, I go see my doctor and he immediately recommends I do a liquid diet till the flare up goes away or subsides....but my blood sugar is dropping because I don't feel like eating and then I get headaches and get dizzy! That went okay for up until yesterday afternoon, when the pain was at it's worst. The first thing they want to do is a CT scan and all this other testy shit, which they do and about an hour after I get all the tests and shit done, I learn the official diagnosis. It turns out I am suffering from diverticulitis and that I have been going through what they call referred pain, meaning that I feel pain where most people don't. It fucking sucks
  2. Hmm, from what I know 'Diverticulitis' is somewhat common.
    Drink plenty of fluids and increase fiber intake and exercise regularly I believe are the ways to help you get over it.
    Although I think the fiber intake may be how to "prevent" it rather than how to help you treat it.

    Sucks man, they say it could last a few days to maybe even a few weeks so you'll probably feel better here shortly man.
    When I had the stomache bug like two weeks ago I managed to slightly bruise a lung and the doctors cant do shit about it so you just kinda gotta get a bunch of oxygen and then drink plenty of water or oxygen infused drinks to help treat it but yeah I have like a small blunt pain for like the next week and a half supposedly still.

    You'll be alright though, stay strong!
  3. Well I sure hope so. I'm supposed to be graduating in three weeks and then there's my sister's wedding a few days before that
  4. Chia seeds : Put them on EVERYTHING you eat. One to two spoons worth. They don't taste like anything. I eat them daily on most food.
    Raw Honey : Get some organic raw honey and eat a spoon in the AM and PM
    Ginger Root : Tea form is great. Drink 2 to 4 cups of that a day. You can mix the raw honey in it. I had salmonella poisoning and it got rid of it in less than 48 hours. It treats all forms of food poisoning and is great from stomach/intestinal health.
    Aloe Vera Juice : It will clean your stomach and intestines out without removing good bacteria.

    Avoid bread, pasta, ect. Sounds like you got this from candida over growth to me. Check your tongue, if it has white junk on it, its candida. MSM helps with that and should help with the pain as well. It is just powdered sulfur. Its pretty cheap too and you can get capsules. Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Not to sound mean, but like that is going to stop/cure possible diverticulitis ( a syndrome that causes your intestines to literally burst). All those a good dietary supplements but the first thing this guy should do is get this checked out with a doctor.

    It could possibly be Ileus if you have been having a lot of stress. But have it checked @WarMachine
  6. It is not to cure it, it is to help the body heal itself. Natural medicine bro. :true:
  7. is for hippies and natives (I kid I kid).

    But on a serious note: Better he first get properly diagnosed by a professional so that he knows what he is dealing with and can plan out a proper way of dealing with it than throwing natural medicines at it and hoping that it works. No medicine is going to work without proper diagnostics first to know what you are dealing with.

    Once he knows why he is in pain he can treat it proper, be that with pharmaceuticals or natural medicines.

    I'm all for natural medicine as a supplement (I drink ginger water and lime water for example to supplement my vitamin intake and bolster my immune system) but I'd never solely rely on natural medicine. That's like firing blindly in a gunfight hoping to hit right half the time. If one can get proper medical care one should always go for that if it is something serious/can possibly serious.

    I'm not saying go to the doctor just because of a headache, but if you suspect diverticulitis see a doctor.
  8. I thought I read he did go to a doctor lol

    And I am anti-white coat. They have their place, don't get me wrong but people rely on them and their drugs WAY too much.
  9. Missed that part.

    But he should definitely talk to his doctor of how he can deal with it. Diverticulitis is a fairly serious issue, smallest tap to his stomach can burst his intestines (see Brock Lesnar as an example, he quit the UFC partly because he didn't want to risk it).

    While the supplements you suggest will likely help him develop a a healthier bacterial culture in his body they are just that, supplements. For diverticulitis I do believe he should consult his doctor on how to treat it first and foremost. Since a busted intestine can be very very bad due to the risk of infection.
  10. Trust me I know about it. It happened to my brother and he almost died a few years ago. There is not much you can do but rest and eat better until it heals.
  11. Hope you get better man :sad:
  12. @Britanica my tongue has white shit on it every morning and has for years, I'm never ill. How can that be related to diverticulitis? :blackshock:

    Also, question for you:

    If you had cancer and they said heres a pill you need to take every day for a month and you'll be cured, would you take it or would you stick to your "traditional" medicines even if it meant theres a high chance you'll die in a month?
  13. I don't know what I would do
  14. I would take the pill. In fact, I would ask if taking two of them would make it go away faster.

    As for you, @WarMachine, get better soon, bro. My thoughts and prayers go with you.

  15. Fun fact. Diverticulitis is caused from red meats.
  16. You eat a crap ton of pizza. Candida over growth may not show symptoms or signs of any damage for YEARS. Google what it does to the body. It is good bacteria that gets out of control in the intestines from eating to much starch and it moves from the intestines into the stomach, liver, lungs, really anywhere it can. For most people it causes mineral and vitamin deficiencies which can and DO lead to serious issues if not corrected.

    As for cancer, I would rely on God. (No need for idiotic remarks, I know you don't believe in him.)
    Mind over matter has truth in it ya know.
  17. DON'T EAT DEER MEAT!!! :angry:
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  18. Interesting.
  19. Not too long ago, I had another flare up of all the symptoms I was having and after seeing a few doctors, I've decided to get surgery two days before Christmas. I do wish it could be another day but unfortunately that's the only time they can get me in to perform the surgery.
  20. Get better soon:bodallas:
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