Beer Money

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  1. Tag Team of the Year from 2009-2011 for sure.

    I hope we get to see them on WWE or Bobby Roode if that's what they're aiming for.

  2. Best team in wrestling I personally would put the KOW or the Briscoes above them but it's an incredibly tight decision. The crispness Beer money worked at both on mic and in ring was phenomenal. Two incredibly talented guys who both for me can be classed as the total packages. Plus the best of 5 series with MCMG was the best work in a mainstream tag team division in a long time. Regarding Roode to WWE am I the only one who sees alot of similarities between him and hhh in 1999? Just everything about him screams next big heel in wrestling for me.
  3. He is and WWE showed interest in him and still do. Don't know why he's still their even though he's the World Heavyweight Champion!
  4. Alot of tna guys are loyal as they gave them a chance. That's all I can think of.
  5. I love beer money. Should go to WWE.
  6. God I would kill for these guys to come to WWE. Lacking a tag-team division big time.

    They make TNA watch-able though, big fan.
  7. Beer money are quite good of a tag team tbh, they own :emoji_grin:
  8. Personally, I liked AMW a shit load better than Beer Money. They were a great tag team but Chris Harris and Storm were just miles better as a team than Roode and Storm.
  9. AMW were amazing but I feel Storm matured alot as a worker with Beer Money. So that's why I'd BM above AMW. The cage match they'd had with Triple X i think in 2004 was amazing though.