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  1. Post before and after pictures of current wrestlers & divas.
    Before meaning, before they were on wwe.
  2. [​IMG]


    *Note this would make a great smiley*

    I seriously fucking lol;d.
    dat haircut
  4. He looks n00bish :haha:

  5. cumming from you :pity1:
  6. legit lol'd when I saw that pic of Ryback
  7. You wish. :pity:

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Before:

  10. Why do dudes look better as they age? IT NOT FAIR!
  11. Ryback was in N'Sync?

  12. Men don't use makeup and tend to care less about being tanned and such. Also testicles.
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  13. Sure was! He was the gay one.
  14. I actually don't wear much make-up anymore because I read that it ages the skin faster... Also... there are plenty of dudes who care about tanning. I think it depends on how you tan. Natural and slow is the best way. Most women over do it with tanning beds and sitting outside for 7 hours straight. lol
  15. Jeff Hardy time baby!


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