Before I launch the awards...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Should I add any more questions*? If so, please suggest some.

    Also, should I launch before or after RAW?

    *All questions must be answered with a user, so we can't have questions like thread of the year etc.
  2. I say launch it now.
  3. I just saw this, looks nice.
    They are all serious awards, maybe 2 or 3 humorous awards.
  4. Gohan has the majority in the bag.
  5. Post now.
  6. Biggest grammar nazi of the year. :tough:

  7. Post now.

    Worst member of the year? (hi webx)
  8. Challenge!
  9. United States Champion of the Year :tough:

    :haha: Just launch it now and lets get it over with.
  10. I didn't really want to include negative awards, because I wouldn't want to post a thread and announce the worst member of the year.

    Will add the Grammar Nazi one.
  11. Worst use of Grammer award?

    Can we not have a special:

    Best Smilie Award?
  12. I gotta go watch something. :willis: I have to wait to make my picks later.
  13. Was more of a joke tbh.

    Post whore of the year.
    Like whore of the year.
  14. Reviewer of the year.
  15. Promoter of the year.
  16. Might as well rename that and Uploader to Big Hoss awards :upset:
  17. Again, it's negative.

    As for the smiley one, can't add awards that you don't nominate users for. So awards like thread of the year, smilie of the year, etc might be something I make a thread for in the near future. This is strictly users only.

    Thread is open for three more minutes, lol.

    Thought so, some people have asked to have worst member of the year involved, so was clearing it up.

    Those two are stat awards. Post whore? I have the highest post count by some margin. Like whore? Likewise, they seem pointless imo.
  18. Mark of the Year
    Smark of the Year
    Fed X fan of the Year
  19. Music fan of the Year(AKA Me vs Cloud :boss1: )
  20. We don't really have weekly reviews, we've had a handful of reviews.

    This could be good. It would be Hoss's award guaranteed though, lol.
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