Kayfabe Before The Match: Tyson Storm VS Spike Cox

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  1. *Spike Cox has made his way to the ring with his EU title above his shoulder. He begins to wait as his theme music dies down. The fans have a mix reaction as they wait for the new wrestler. Tyson Storm's theme music does not play as the fans wonder what is happening. Spike Cox looks irritated as Tyson Storm is nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden we hear a voice around the arena*

    ???: Where is Tyson Storm?! I can't find him anywhere! Oh....Tyson Storm isn't real. I'm sorry Spike but your opponent tonight is a beast.....A monster! I'm someone who will make you cry in pain! You have never been in the ring with someone like me!

    *The fans are confused as is Spike Cox. The fans begin to chant "Show yourself" as Spike Cox yells for the mystery man to come down to the ring. A countdown from ten begins to play. The fans chant the numbers as the countdown reaches number one*

    Ryan Blake: It's me!

    *Ryan Blake begins to walk down the ramp with the mic in hand and in full wrestling gear. The fans are booing their GM. Spike Cox begins to laugh at Ryan Blake as he makes his way to the ring*

    Ryan Blake: Why am I here? How can this be? Well.....Last month I got the all clear. You see about a year ago my body began to break and the doctors said I wouldn't wrestle again. I thought it was all over so I decided to try for the job of GM. I got the job of GM and later went on to buy half of this place thanks to Buster Gates. But....it never was enough. I always wanted to get in that ring and do my job again! Wrestling is my true love and I promised myself I would do it again. I rebuilt myself....I trained so hard that I had to cry....I couldn't move most of the time due to my training. But I fixed myself. The doctors couldn't believe it.....They said this was impossible....But it wasn't. I am back baby! I am back and better than ever! Spike Cox....I'm sorry. I'm going to release all that pain I suffered on you tonight. I am going to kick you in places you didn't even know you had! I am going to break you tonight! I will show these people why Ryan Blake is the beast!

    *Ryan Blake drops the mic and enters the ring. Ryan Blake looks happy to be in a wrestling match once again. Spike Cox looks angry. The bell rings as the match begins*
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