Kayfabe Before Tyson Frost vs Blackjack

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  1. *Blackjack is already in the ring, sitting down in the corner, when the ring announcer starts talking.*

    Announcer: And his opponent, from London England, weighing in at 215 lbs...Tyson Frost!

    *The titantron flickers to life showing an old fashioned movie countdown. When the countdown ends, some text appears on the screen. "This footage was taken directly from Blackjack's home with his consent, please enjoy the following video."

    Then, the words "A Morning In Blackjack's Life" appear in fancy writing.

    The video starts with Tyson Frost, wearing a cardboard cutout face of Deadpool with a goatee messily glued on, sitting up out of a bed, the quilt has a huge picture of Mick Foley for some reason. Tyson looks around the bedroom, it's coloured bright pink with stuffed animals all over the room, meanwhile in the ring, Blackjack is flipping out.

    Tyson gets out of the bed to reveal that he's wearing pink penguin pyjamas which sends Blackjack into an even bigger rage. Tyson makes his way to the bathroom and looks in the mirror, he touches the cardboard cutout attached to his face before nodding and putting a stick on version of Blackjack's mask on top of it, he then presses a button on a nearby radio and thumbs up the mirror as the song begins to play.*

    *Tyson goes around the house, still dressed as Blackjack, doing cleaning with a feather duster, dancing on top of a dining table, eating some Frosties and the final scene is Blackjack(?) crying as he watches a movie, the camera pans around to show that the movie is Fault In Our Stars. The video ends and Blackjack is fuming in the ring. Finally, Tyson's music hits.*

    *He comes out and is instantly greeted with the rhythmic "Tyson Frost....is a **** nanana Tyson Frost....is a ****" chant.*