Beginning of the End

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  1. Roadster: This is 2K Championship Wrestling. This is 2KCW. This is the epitome of competitive 2K. This isn't some sort of roleplay. This isn't some sort of drama. This isn't some sort of bullocks like the current leagues. This is the ultimate battleground. If you think you have what it takes to battle the best of the best, try it. This isn't for the weak of heart. You may not be the best, you may not be the worst, but you are a fighter. Your fighter will have to be the strongest fighter her can be, and you have to be just as strong. This is 2KCW.

    Roadster: Not many will succeed till the end. Not many will fail till the end. This is a scale, and it's your job to scale it in your direction. Only through true guts and determination will you be able to, and that's what 2KCW is. It's a league for those who want to battle, not those who want to roleplay. This is competitive 2K at it's finest, and you've entered it's grandest battle ground. Be prepared for tough battles and strong opponents, only to be overcome if you possess the same traits.

    Roadster: Get ready, get set...Go. Enter the eye of the storm because this is the beginning of the end. You have what it takes, and all that matters is the tools to take on the challenge. The doors of the colliseum will be closing. You have entered, and the only way out? Is through the heart. It truly is, the beginning of the end.

  2. *Crowd chants IC-Dub*
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  3. What is this?
  4. ICW vs 2KCW PPV
  5. is 2KCW pretty much dead in the water at this point?
  6. We plan on holding our first show later this month, but I need 1 more participant. Would be best to start building for your match @HoovinandGroovin
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